Ok, obligatory preamble... The author of the article and do not endorse the downloading of copyrighted materials without the express written permission of the copyright holders. Or more to the point; do what you want, but don't blame us. With that said, the following article is for entertainment purposes only.

In my internet travels this past weekend, I caught the scent of something big brewing. There were little whispers of a HUGE event and I swear I could hear a dull thud in the distance. Sort of like when a cloned T-Rex is coming for you, but different. Then the edges of my screen started taking on a greenish tinge. What could it be? Then it hit me. The long awaited HULK movie had leaked two weeks early. Now who could resist that?

Being new to the Mac and quite infatuated with everything about my iBook (FAITH) I started there. Unfortunately searches on both Limewire and Acquisition for everything Hulk related wouldn't give up the infamous leaked HULK WP file. I did find a nice copy of The Violation Of Aurora Snow, but that Macfriends is another story for another time. Come to think of it, probably for another website. Moving on...

Having failed with my Mac P2P attempts I knew I would have to turn to the XP behemoth (BUFFY) in the bedroom. The fact that Saturday in the greater Seattle area was a 90-degree scorcher made this a less than ideal solution. I was ensconced in a nice piece of shade under an old tree enjoying a cool breeze and a tall Mountain Dew. That is where RDC comes in. For those of you with Windows machines, this is must have OSX software.

RDC (Remote Desktop Control) will allow you to log in to your Windows XP Pro machine and run everything on it from your Apple. With this handy little tool I was able to Airport my way into BUFFY and get the search started back up. My first stop was, as you would expect, in the land of Kazaa. As usual, there were many files to be found. And just as usual for Kazaa, there were many bad files to be found at the end of those searches. If you want a really nice copy of Spiderman, just try downloading HULK from Kazaa. For all those Mac users lamenting the lack of a Kazaa client, I am not sure that you are really missing that much. Thank goodness for AVI Preview.

So Kazaa was another dead end. There was still a leaked movie to find and I was still determined. It was time to bring out the old standby: IRC. I fortified myself with another tasty Dew and logged in. The tragically dated mIRC interface greeted me in all it's just beyond DOS glory. Off to #SMRMOVIES I went. A little fudging around got me reacquainted with the how's and why's of using their script and soon I had the results of my search for HULK. Twelve servers were hosting files. Eight with the entire movie and 4 with one part each. Happy Happy Joy Joy True Believers!

With the help of some clever timing and the SMR autobump script I soon had my spot in line. A few hours later, the beauty of a shiny new 'get file' window appeared on my screen. It was starting. Thirteen days prior to release and my little iBook was getting the HULK! If this article were a movie, right about now we would fade to a clock's hands spinning, or windblown calendar pages, or the changing of the seasons. Needless to say, the download process was slow. It gave me time to logoff of BUFFY and get some real work done. Eventually, about 13 hours later, the downloads were complete and I was staring at 632 megabytes of green love. With just a few clicks I had validated DivX copies on FAITH. The internet truly is an amazing thing.

Now I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone reading this. However, I am perfectly fine giving an Ebertian review. So, with no reservation at all I award HULK two big green thumbs up. Go see this movie true believers. It is the real deal.

P.S. The above article is for entertainment purposes. There may or may not be a real person named Doc with an obsession for naming his computers after vampire slayers. This 'Doc' may or may not have downloaded a work print of a movie about a really big green dude.

I do have it on good authority that this 'Doc' person will be standing in line to see HULK Friday June 20. See you there.