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Is AppleScript too powerful?

This latest Mac "trojan" was a little funny if you ask me. Say you like to download things from a p2p network. Say you don't like to pay for any of the software you use. What types of things do you look for in the quality of these files? I personally would think that if I were downloading an office suite like Microsoft Office, it would be at least a couple hundred megabytes in size.

Realistic Switching From a Windows Network Engineer's Point of View

Firstly, let me give a bit of background information on myself to help you put my views into context. My name is Jamie van Dyke, and I've been working with PCs since the early age of four. To fully define my 'geekness', I wrote my first BASIC program 6 months later. Obviously it was not the most elaborate of designs. It was an amalgamation of two source code released applications

Missing the Boat on Panther

Nearly every Mac web site has posted some kind of Panther (Mac OS X.3) review, and nearly all reviewers have missed the boat. The most revolutionary feature of Panther has been almost universally overlooked.

It is easy to find stories that hype or deride the new brushed metal look of the Finder. Most even mention how to "turn the look off", but none of them tell you why the metal is there and what the metal means.

Mac Essay: Real-life Retrospective on "Switching"

On December 19, 2002, I purchased an 800MHZ 12" iBook, my first Mac ever. I was stoked. I had spent weeks staring at it on,reading about it on, and hearing about the all around benefits from my Mac friends. At first glance, the iBook I bought was somewhat alien, but as time passed I came to realize that was only because I treated it like a PC, which is more or less a common thing, or so I'm told.


Ok, obligatory preamble... The author of the article and do not endorse the downloading of copyrighted materials without the express written permission of the copyright holders. Or more to the point; do what you want, but don't blame us. With that said, the following article is for entertainment purposes only.

Windows guy buys a Mac

Greetings Macfriends. Since this is my first article for MacWrite, I think a little housekeeping is in order. I am a Windows guy. I have been using Windows since version 3.1 and continue to do so, albeit with less and less frequency. As the title of the article suggests, I have recently procured a G3 iBook. MacWrite thought it would be interesting to get the perspective of someone that is new to the platform. I guess you, good readers, will be the judge of that. So without further ado, I present you my first MacWrite article.

Migrating from FileMaker Pro to MySQL

This article covers the procedures involved with migrating a FileMaker Pro database to a MySQL database running on any platform using the FmPro Migrator utility on MacOS X.

Why Use FileMaker Pro?

Apple's Foreign Affair

I finished reading Trevor's article, "Americans Getting Cheaper Macs?", and I said to myself, "$50 over-charging? That's nothing!". You see, I've been pricing up Apple machines here in the UK. I think you'll be shocked at what you find - at least, if you live in the US you will.

I'm taking the current exchange rate of £1 Sterling = $1.56361 US.

Poof! Safari Erased My Hard-Drive!

The evening of January 7th, after hours of work retouching digital photos, I was ready to do something fun. I dutifully saved my laboriously-retouched Photoshop files into desktop folders. That completed the day and evening's mission, preparing the files to be printed for client delivery the next morning.

Safari Rendered My System Unstable

After downloading Safari and spending some time enjoying the browser's "turbo speed" on my 56k, I encountered some serious problems. At very first, Software Update had unexpectedly quit on me after I attempted to download the iCal 1.0.2 update. I tried numerous times to startup Software Update, but had no luck (Safari effect #1). I don't remember what drove me to the Apple Discussion boards, but I spent the next 2 days searching and posting in hopes of some insight.

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