Eptech West 2001

Sometimes you have to step out of yourself to see where you are. Sometimes you need to step into the thick of someone else's world to find out.

Big Mac Heart Attack

Finally! I found a way to crash Mac OS X! Twice! It wasn't easy.

Sound Studio

When you own a Mac you inevitably rub shoulders with other Mac owners. It's not that there aren't a lot of Macs out there; there are. But Mac owners tend to talk with each other.

While it's not obvious why one operating system or another germinates creativity, Mac users as a group do tend to be a creative lot. Think of the company alliances that Apple has had over the years, and you get the picture. Adobe, Quarx, and so many others. Mac was the natural choice for page layout and pre-press. Artwork. Graphics. Fonts. You name it.

From NT to Mac

People have asked me how a Windows NT afficionado like myself ended up touting the virtues of Macs. Well, let me say up front that I've always been a bit of a mercenary when it comes to computer operating systems. I like to think that I appreciate the strengths and virtues of any operating system when I see them.

Making the Move to X

My good friend and neighbour asked me about upgrading his Rev 1 iMac from OS 8.6 to OS X. He had stuffed an extra 128 MB into it at time of purchase, and he has plenty of hard disk space. He wanted the stability of X, but was worried that one of his key applications might not run properly under X. I'd like to address that issue today.

Grease my Palm

Now that I have a little experience with my new Palm IIIxe, I can keep it talking happily with both my iMac and my venerable NT computers. The Palm Desktop software really was written with Windows in mind first, and frankly it works a little better there. Still, I primarily use it on my Mac, and now am used to its one or two idiosyncracies. HotSync, the facility of synchronizing a Palm handheld with the desktop computer, breaks once in a while. Under native OS 9 it sometimes crashes the computer.

Get 10.1 Full Install CD's without using your Up-To-Date Coupons!

When I called the Apple store Tuesday evening to ask if I could order the 10.1 Up-to-date CD's via the Apple Store, I was informed that if I had ordered a Qualifying Mac, or Mac OS X through the Apple Store, that I could could by-pass the mail in Up-to-date program. What this means, is that I will have 10.1 Full Install CD's in my hands in 2-3 weeks plus 2-3 days for shipping (I Opted for FedEx $5 extra). I was also informed that only updater CD's would be available via retail stores which will require 10.0 and 9.1 to be installed.

Mac Security

It's always been an issue. Ever since the first computer got connected to the second one, someone was there to get in on the action. Not so many years ago, someone found a virus-infected DOS game and brought it into our office for dissection. It was quite a novelty that someone actually had found a virus! Well, the novelty wore off a long time ago, as every one of us has had Norton AntiVirus screaming in our face at one time or another.

Moving Day

As you may know, my high-mileage Windows NT computer system recently gained a helper in the form of an iMac. After about fifteen minutes of using the Mac I found myself mumbling something about why I didnt do this ages ago. It's not NT, you understand. It's overworked hardware. I find it just amazing. When I first built that box and installed NT on it a-fresh, I felt for the first time in all of my computing days that finally the computer itself wasn't in the loop. What I meant by that was, I wasn't waiting for the processor to think things through.

Turning Mac OS X into a Lean Mean Web Serving Machine - Part III - Installing Apache with PHP

In the last article you learned how to install the latest version of Apache (not Apache 2, which is a beta at this time and I don't recommend installing it). This article will teach you how to install Apache with PHP support.

Reading and configuring httpd.conf will be discussed in the next article, since so many people want to have PHP working on Mac OS X. WARNING: the installation of PHP will take quite awhile to complete. So let's get started.

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