Mac OS X, iDisk, and Other Matters

This iDisk thing is pretty good. I had cause to move a couple of files between home and work, so I popped open my iDisk at one end and copied the files onto it, then did the reverse at the other end. With OS X at both ends, it worked like a Mac! Thanks, Steve! OS 9 was a little trickier, as I don't have the iTools plugin for Internet Explorer, and it wasn't obvious how to get it. Maybe that could be smoothed over a bit. How about it, Steve?

The Greatest Computer Ever

Owning a computer is an invitation to waste copious amounts of time. Sure you save a lot of time by looking things up on the internet, but that is offset by incredibly time wasting sessions of solitaire (my belief is that apple wants people to actually use the computer, that's why solitaire isn't bundled with Macs).

Mac OS X and Toasters

I hate to be a nag, but have you done a firewall for your Mac yet? If you have, congratulations. Now you have partial protection from hackers and malcontents. If you haven't, well, times are going to get interesting for you, I guarantee it. Need a pointer or two? Take a look at my Mac Security article on

Finders and Choosers

Summertime is here. How do I know that? Our site is teeming with bright and eager summer students from several universities. It's enough to make you feel young again!

OS X, A perfect II

OSX, it's the focus of the majority of Mac talk these days, and why not? It is a major departure from OS 9, in fact it's apparently scary for some. I don't care, put a slick GUI on my monitor and write made by Apple on the box and I'm there. Or at least I would be, if only there weren't such a downside to OSX. Let me be clear, Apple has made major mistakes with X, and I'm not so sure I want to put something that error ridden on my beloved computer.

Mac OS X Secrets

It happened. I had to admit defeat, and take back a Mac OS X installation that I had recommended. What a disaster. It was my fault.

Why Compute?

Once in a while it's time to take stock. Did you ever wonder what the big deal is about computers? Is it just a fad? Although the market saw a dip in personal computer sales recently, clearly computers are here to stay. Why? What's the attraction?

How to Get Your Partner to Let You Buy a New Mac

(Note: This is intended for Mac users. If you're a PC user and want a new computer just upgrade to the latest version of windows, or wait until Tuesday, either way the need will be legit.)

Desktop Freedom

Freedom. It's an intangible virtue that is so easy to take for granted. As Canada continues to lose her freedoms slowly but inexorably each day, I revel in at least one small freedom, my Mac.

Mac OS X: The Trauma Of Change

Every club has its membership requirements, every school its rules, every deal its terms. And every one has some form of exit clause. That's you're escape hatch. Make sure you can see the way out before you get in.

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