The Simplicity of Mac OS X

Complexity is everywhere. Everything we do seems to be more complex than ever. Somehow we've become accustomed to it, and learned to set our VCR clocks after all. The newest Apple operating system, Mac OS X, certainly is complex. Whether or not it is easier to use than classic Mac could be a matter of personal taste, among other things.

McGoofy's MacWorld Predictions: So Good You'll Want to Lick Them

Macworld Expo is coming up and my dog just died. Frankly I am busy missing my dog but I am going the extra mile for both of my loyal readers (yes, I love you Mom and Dad) and making bold predictions about the newness sure to be unveiled at Macworld.

Mac OS X: Terminal is Power

Welcome to Moof'in! This is the first true article of the series. Last week I wrote a teaser/informative article as an intro to get everyone excited about this new column. This week we are getting right to work.

This article will explain a little of the history behind Darwin and how Apple got into licensing Open Source software. For those of you who can't wait any longer to start pounding commands into Darwin, I also included some goodies to start playing with at the end of this article.

Mac OS X and Outlook Express for Windows

Not a week passes that I don't get some confirmation that my Mac purchase was a good decision. Last night I received an email from my sister. Fine, except that she didn't send me any email last night. Or so she thought. Sure enough, her Windows computer has been infected with the W32.Magistr.24876@mm virus. Symantec's documentation says that it's a hoax, but I don't agree. In fact, nor do they. Without any user intervention, it sent itself out from Microsoft Outlook Express for Windows to all of the names in its address book. Of course there's an executable attachment that no doubt propagates the process on recipients' machines. I've used Eudora Pro Email for years with zero virus troubles from email, and I continue to do so on my Mac. Another good decision, don't you think?

Life in the Fast Lane Part 1: The Lure of Broadband Internet

It was October of 1996. I was watching CNN Computer Connection. As I was watching, they starting talking about this new technology that was in the works that would offer you faster internet access over your phone as a dedicated high speed Internet connection, without tying up your phone line.

Mac OS X RAM Upgrade

This week I bought some additional RAM for my iMac. It's an off-the-shelf PC-133 piece. Works great. Later I came across a MacWorld article that indicated how Apple's latest firmware update disables some third-party RAM that isn't up to spec. Now they tell me! Well, I didn't notice any memory shortage at boot time, my About This Mac box shows every byte, and generally the little fellow flies. Anyway, just in case, I downloaded the suggested diagnostic tool and let it check my RAM. This is an OS 9 application, an AppleScript by the look of it, and only runs in OS 9 native mode.

Interview with Jake Sargent

I was able to have a interview with a good friend of mine, Jake Sargent. He is the Founder of The Mac Mind.

Q: How did you come up with the idea of themacmind? Did you do anything before it? How has it changed?

Computers, Timesavers or Timekillers?

I'm sure the older readers remember the initial promise of computers: they'll save time, CPA's will be obsolete, you'll only work three hours a day, paper is dead, etc. I remember these predictions and I'd like to find the prognosticators and ship them to Antarctica where they can all predict just how long it's going to be until their blood turns to slush

The Race To The Finish Line

I am Ian Sidle. I have done quite a bit on computers. I supposed you could call me IT or a Tech Dude. I go to Monta Vista High School as a student, but also I help out with the computers there whenever I can. I generally spend brunch, lunch and an hour or so after school. I have been in the lab quite a bit more recently, since it is crunch time. During the last week of school, we had to move more than two hundred computers over to the library, along with racks, cabling, and servers, since the building we are supposed to go into isn't done yet. It's all expected to magically stay intact.

Mac OS X Users: Pedal to the Medal

Welcome to Moof'in! In this new column, Sam Burrish will guide Macs users through Darwin, Mac OS X's powerful core, and help make sense of the exciting possibilities that come along with the new heavy weight OS.

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