WARNING! Safari Can Erase Your Hard Drive

If you are using Apple's new web browser Safari, be warned it can erase your hard drive if you press the wrong key.

Safari has been exterminated from my hard drive for the sole reason that it can erase your entire home directory by holding down the option key while clicking a link to download. After reading this thread over at the MacNN forums, I immediatly got rid of Safari. My home directory is over 25GB, and well - I can't easily back it up.

On Rubbernecking And Rumors

More likely than not, by the time you read this, Steve's Macworld Keynote will be over. In contrast, as I write this, it's the night before he dazzles us. It's not unlike the night before Christmas. For the past few weeks, the virtual world has been working itself up to the traditional pre-Macworld tizzy.

Before I continue let me state that I haven't and won't join in the rumor-mongoring. It reminds me too much of the rubbernecking we've all observed and cursed when driving past a traffic accident.

The Stench Permeates

A couple of nights ago the wife and I headed out to dinner. It was the first time in a long while since we had done that. In tow we had the apple of our eye, our nearly one year old baby boy who Iím happy to say consumes most of our time these days.

Mac OS X Year-End 2002

Many people take stock at year end, literally and figuratively. Apple made quite a few milestones this year, its Mac OS X Jaguar operating system possibly being the one most widely touted.

The Foot’s In The Other Shoe

Is it just me? Am I the only one who noticed something last week that was as twisted and inside-out as an episode of The Night Gallery? I canít believe I havenít seen more airplay on this in the mainstream press. What gives? Donít get me wrong. I know the story was carried far and wide. But how is it that this angle went unnoticed?

What, you ask, am I blathering on about?

An Expressive Mac OS X Christmas Present

Christmas presents generally are given as signs of love and gratitude. A few times they're given as gentle suggestions. If you felt so inclined to express warm feelings towards your Mac, I would understand completely. What more expressive and suitable gift could there be for the networked Mac or its owner than a combo NAT gateway such as one of the Asante FR3004 series?

Hating the Mac

I donít doubt that youíve read reports about people who have gone so far as to proclaim their hatred for the Macintosh, Apple Computer, and Steven Jobs. Yes, theyíre out there. I sometimes wonder if just a little of their animosity isnít justified. Not all of it, mind you. Perhaps some of it can be understood, if not agreed with.

The Internet Censored - Again

An Australian court ruling this week may have profound repercussions worldwide. The online publication news.com.au reported that on Tuesday the Australian High Court "ruled mining businessman Joseph Gutnick could sue business news publisher Dow Jones for defamation in a Victorian court." It is pause for thought.

JagWyre Junkie

Youíve all read the stories. and, very likely, have experienced it yourself. Youíre sitting there, minding your own business, being productive, thanking the computer gods that youíre using a Mac instead of some evil Redmondian incarnation. Then, it happens. You move your mouse to the bottom of the screen to bring up the dock youíre witness to the most spectacular nothing you could have imagined.

How to Customize the Preferences in Chimera

Many of you have been using Mozilla for quite some time. Mozilla is stable and has *lots* of features. Perhaps you flirted with Chimera and liked its speed, but missed a few features from Mozilla. Well, there is a way to get those missing features from Mozilla to work in Chimera.

Actually Chimera *does* have many of the features that Mozilla does. It's just that you can't access them directly using the Chimera Interface.

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