Macs in Business feature: Tiger in the Spotlight

I'm growing tired of hearing the adage "with great power comes great responsibility." Don't get me wrong, the new Spiderman movie is fantastic, as is the sentiment, but hearing the phrase repeated over and over in the media is getting to be a bit much. Not only that, I read hundreds of Spidey comics as a kid, and I don't recall any of the characters ever saying that.

The Race to the 100,000,000 iTunes Song Sold

On July 1st, Apple announced that the iTunes Music Store (iTMS) was just over 5 million songs away from reaching the 100 million download mark. Starting at the 95 millionth song sold, on every 100th thousandth song, Apple gave away a 20GB iPod.

Mac is superior in the workplace, but often falls victim to misconceptions

As a self-employed small business owner, my computers are an integral part of my day-to-day operations. Not only do I use them to create content for my clients, I use them for all my accounting, customer database, time management, communications and research needs. With every aspect of my business dependent upon them, it's critical that my computers operate smoothly with as little downtime as possible. If they stop working, I stop working - and that costs me money. That's why I only trust my business to Mac and OS X.

Is AppleScript too powerful?

This latest Mac "trojan" was a little funny if you ask me. Say you like to download things from a p2p network. Say you don't like to pay for any of the software you use. What types of things do you look for in the quality of these files? I personally would think that if I were downloading an office suite like Microsoft Office, it would be at least a couple hundred megabytes in size.

How to Add iTMS Songs to Your Music Library Without Buying the Song and Free Music?

While importing a playlist from my mom's Mac to mine, I accidentally discovered how to add the music from iTMS to my library, senza "Buy Now" buttons. This is very easy to accomplish, and I will show you how, along with showing you how to get allot of free music from iTMS.

Batttle of the Beige G3 - Round Two

I've been running Ma OS X on my Beige G3 since October 5, 2000, which dates back to the Public Beta. Everything has run flawlessly until April 2003, that is. That's when my 60GB master HD developed the beep of death (read the article for full details of the account). By the end of August things had gotten so bad, among them a failed G4 upgrade, that I had no choice but to get a new Mac immediately. Well, a week ago things went south again and here is my tail...

Windows Security for Mac OS X Networks

It's happened again. Another Windows computer virus, or worm, or something. As with so many that have gone before, this one is transmitted as an email attachment. Just double-click and die. They never learn. There are certain things one can do to secure a Windows host on a Mac network. Everybody benefits. Let's do it.

Mac OS X hosts File for Panther

A new year is upon us. Times change. Situations change. Operating systems change. And so does the procedure for short-circuiting unwanted internet advertising while browsing on Mac OS X, Apple's world-class computer operating system. Once again, here is the procedure, freshened up for Panther.

Office v.X for Mac OS X Updates

Recently Microsoft posted the latest update to Office v.X for Mac, available on its Mactopia site. Not having checked for a while, I had missed a couple of updates in the interim. However, applying all of them rendered Office unusable on my machine. The workaround was elegant, and all is well again.

"Old Fart's Guide" excellent resource for young at heart

When categorizing books, it would be easy to say that the technical genera is something that one "has" to read, rather than "gets" to read. There is good reason for that. Technical books are too long, too boring and don't give any perspective. Thankfully for Mac users, there is one glowing exception: Aaron Rosenzweig's Old Fart's Guide to the Macintosh.

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