Mac OS X Users: Pedal to the Medal

Welcome to Moof'in! In this new column, Sam Burrish will guide Macs users through Darwin, Mac OS X's powerful core, and help make sense of the exciting possibilities that come along with the new heavy weight OS.

During the series of weekly articles, Sam will acquaint Macs users with Darwin and explain how to access and enter commands from Mac OS X. After a basic understanding of Darwin has been established, more user challenging aspects of Darwin will be addressed. When reading this column, a basic understanding of UN*X is helpful, however not necessary. The idea is to promote and gain understanding of the special uses that may be executed through Darwin.

Every week, the articles will gradually become more in-depth and technical. After faithfully reading this series, you will be an expert on Mac OS X and know how to wrestle a UN*X OS like the big boys. So far there are several planned topics to start out the column out with. First of all, a nice article about Darwin, a brief history of the UNIX operating system, and Apple's plan for open source development will begin the series with a bang! After everyone is brought up to speed and the fundamental groundwork is laid, the column will start expanding into using Darwin. Various common commands will be explained to help acclimate the users to navigating Darwin. Also, people who haven't used a GUI-less operating system before will become confident in their abilities to work on a text command oriented basis. Moving on, the process for installing and using applications in Darwin will be explained. Some of the more powerful and Darwin-specific features will also be explained. After that, the course of the column will be decided on what reader's want to know more about. If there is strong demand to setup an Apache web server running in Darwin, an article will be written to do just that. If people want to see how to be able to create a custom shell in Darwin, that will happen. After everyone is acclimated to Darwin, the column has no definite course set yet. Since the world of UN*X-like operating systems and open source architectures is so expansive and seems to never end, there is no way it all can be covered in a single weekly column. That is why reader input will be very important after the first few articles. Sam is very willing to hear any input from readers.

Sam Burrish, author of the new "Moof'in" column, is not new to or the Mac/UN*X invasion. Sam is an avid reader of MacWite articles and has been offering constructive advice to help improve the site for a long time. When Sam isn't dreaming up new article ideas, he is usually in front of his Mac. Among his various computer hobbies include running a Mac User Group (MUG) and doing free-lance web and graphic design. His day job also brings him in front of Macs as well. Sam is the owner and hostmaster of a Mac-only web hosting company. He hopes to make it big some day by getting into graphic design or industrial design with a leading technology company. For now he is satisfied by immersing himself in all the technology and literature he can. Sam also enjoys playing the double bass in several local orchestras where he lives. Legacy systems also fascinate Sam, and he has a growing collection of over 35 "vintage" Macintosh systems. However, when it comes to getting work done, Sam is not tolerant of poor performance. He has been known to max computer systems beyond their physical limits in the never-ending effort to create a stronger and more powerful breed of computer. He is currently developing a commercial quality water-cooling system for Dual G4 equipped PowerMac computers.

Sam has been a die-hard Mac user from the beginning. In his mind there is only one kind of real computer-- the kind that bears the Apple logo. His perception is that the whole computer industry is just a giant race to keep up with Apple and their ever-evolving Macintosh technology. That is the truth and no one will cause him to think otherwise.

Sam's Mac OS X expertise is far from limited. He has been developing for and beta testing Mac OS X since the days of Developer Preview 3, way back when. He is currently working on developing human interface guidelines for a chat network's OS X client software. He also is a UN*X power user and loves to "kick some major butt" in Darwin. If you don't find Darwin interesting, you sure will his computer philosophies and ideas.

Sam is into sharing his expertise and will enjoy being a columnist for MacWrite. He is a hard worker and likes to promote the Mac and its abilities to everyone. He feels many Mac users don't realize how much potential is at their fingertips, and his goal is to help make every Mac user get the best experience possible out of their Mac.

Welcome to Moof'in and enjoy the ride!