WARNING: MacAddict DVD is Too Thick

I have had my MacAddict 5th anniversary DVD for a while but I haven't gotten around to playing it. Today I was sick, and I was watching DVD movies in bed on my iBook. I popped in the MacAddict DVD, and I started hearing this deep rattling and scratching noise. I screamed in horror. I thought the DVD was not seated all the way in. I quickly hit the eject button and the DVD popped out with a series of scratches on the label. So I take it out, carefully put it back in to make sure it's in all the way and try again. It still was being scratched.

I didn't bother trying to play it for I'm more worried about it damaging my drive. Anyway, so I take it out and examine it carefully. It looks like it's two CD's on one or double layered. Faintly, I can see a trail of glue along the disk holding two together. I pulled out another DVD to compare and sure enough, it was twice as thick. I checked with Trevor and his is double too. So its not just my disk. Considering these are mass-produced, then probably all the other disks are like this as well.

I had speculated that maybe they had a misprint where the labels were on CD‚ but no data and just pasted them together. Then Trevor told me there was data/video on both sides of his disc, so that's why the disk's are twice as thick. I hope they can have double sided discs without gluing two together, as its just done to make them cheaper. All they would have to do is have a non reflective layer in the "middle".

I was lucky in that it didn't appear to damage the drive enough to make it not functional but I believe it could very well make drives nonfunctional. I have the new iBook (iceBook, iBook2, etc) and I think it's only limited to those models. The old iBooks have more room between the tray and the top of the drive. I do like MacAddict and all and the DVD DID work in our normal DVD player in the living room. It's just that most of the files were on the DVD as data only.

So if anyone else that has gotten the DVD that is double layered (or not) please post your experience so we can figure out what is going on.

Below you can see a scan of the dvd after it went through the drive. Sorry for the relative low quality - its hard to scan something reflective. You can clearly see the deep scratches upon the disk.