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How to Customize the Preferences in Chimera

Many of you have been using Mozilla for quite some time. Mozilla is stable and has *lots* of features. Perhaps you flirted with Chimera and liked its speed, but missed a few features from Mozilla. Well, there is a way to get those missing features from Mozilla to work in Chimera.

Actually Chimera *does* have many of the features that Mozilla does. It's just that you can't access them directly using the Chimera Interface.

A Day In The Life Of An iBook

I am a student at Monta Vista High School. I am a proud owner of the old-new iBook. Or the iBook 500. I have been taking it with me to school for about a month now. I think it is a quite sturdy and usable little machine. So I am writing about my adventures with it. I guess this is going to be a multipart article. So I'm starting out with less stories and more advice.

WARNING: MacAddict DVD is Too Thick

I have had my MacAddict 5th anniversary DVD for a while but I haven't gotten around to playing it. Today I was sick, and I was watching DVD movies in bed on my iBook. I popped in the MacAddict DVD, and I started hearing this deep rattling and scratching noise. I screamed in horror. I thought the DVD was not seated all the way in. I quickly hit the eject button and the DVD popped out with a series of scratches on the label. So I take it out, carefully put it back in to make sure it's in all the way and try again. It still was being scratched.

My School Thinks Windows and Microsoft are the Future

A new school year has started. That means new classes, new teachers and new friends. That also means, new computers. Unfortunately, that doesn't always mean that they will be Mac's. Specifically my school is heading towards the dark side at full speed. They want to eventually, have every machine at school running Windows 2000. Now this alone may or may not be a good idea, depends on your situation. Although it mostly has to do with those who are in charge that pick what you get.

There is only so much that is possible that you can do for os x, besides give it a rest

Now I know there is a number of you complaining that os x isn't good enough. OS X is already doing the impossible, give it a break already ;p

The Race To The Finish Line

I am Ian Sidle. I have done quite a bit on computers. I supposed you could call me IT or a Tech Dude. I go to Monta Vista High School as a student, but also I help out with the computers there whenever I can. I generally spend brunch, lunch and an hour or so after school. I have been in the lab quite a bit more recently, since it is crunch time. During the last week of school, we had to move more than two hundred computers over to the library, along with racks, cabling, and servers, since the building we are supposed to go into isn't done yet. It's all expected to magically stay intact.

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