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Why don't I like These Gismos in New OS'es

After reading different columns about the Mac OS and the newest features like Sherlock, I have started to think what do I want to see in the Mac OS to make me buy a new version once or twice a year. I also am starting to think what needs to be done to make a completely 100% no training user friendly OS. What will make me buy a new OS is the underlying improvements such as:

  • improved stability
  • All applications supporting the latest API's
  • Continuing improved Navigation services for better handling of saving and opening of documents.

Random Ramblings

Before I go into this week's column, I have been kicking around some names for my weekly Wednesday column (Update now publishing on Friday's). One name I though of is "the H Files" or "The T Files". Tell me what you think and in a couple weeks I will tell the name of my weekly Wednesday (Update now publishing on Friday's). column.

New Writer Introduction

Ok folks, welcome to Mac Nerve Central (Update now Mac Write). I will be writing 1-3 columns a week and also give you Mac freaks my point of view on the major Mac news.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Trevor Harrison, I live in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. I am 21, and am a big Mac freak who is, well poorer then hell, so I can't upgrade my system, or buy that PowerBook I need.

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