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Disaster Strikes, Installing, and the Tour of OS X PB Begins

Before I get into today's column, I would like to tell you of a scary couple of minutes last night (Monday night 11:15pm) just before I was getting ready to do to the final edit of this column. I had classic running along with SoundJam (classic) and Gerry's ICQ. I pulled the classic icon from the dock to the middle of my screen so I could watch it get sucked back into the dock. Well the icon decided to just stick there, and take down all my classic apps.

Waiting for UPS to deliver OS X Public Beta

I was going to write about Installing OS X and my initial take on it today, but I thought you might want to here about my adventures in getting OS X PB first.

Preparing Your Mac for Mac OS X

Welcome to a new series on Mac Write entitled "The Undiscovered Country." This series is devoted to poking into every square inch of Mac OS X (Public Beta at present) and tell you about what I find. I also will be giving my thoughts on what Mac OS X will mean to you and how it will change your life forever!

I Hate Modens - Part 4

I promise this will be the last installment of I Hate Modems. Tomorrow I will have a good series of columns on my rocket powered boat.

So anyway, in Part III of I Hate Modems, I discussed life away from my Rocket Powered boat on the Island every second weekend, and the 3 weeks I am there now. I also talked of the only ISP on the Island losing their connection to the world on Monday from 10:30am - 8:30pm.

I Hate Modens - Part 3

Well, by fluke, I was going to talk about life on the Island every second weekend with my mom and her modem only access (and my 3 weeks there right now), but something very bad happened this morning (as I am writing this on Monday morning). At 10:30am PDT, the monopolistic ISP lost their land link from the microwave transmitter to their offices. This meant, that I got connected, but there was no Internet to go to.

I Hate Modens - Part 2

In part I of "I Hate Modems", I discussed how I got a USR modem for my first Mac,and had severe connection problems with it from April 1997.

On Friday I arrived home and I got the computer back and was back to square one. In early July, I gave up on my all you can eat ISP. So I phoned up and requested a refund for my remaining 3 months of service. They said they had a no refund policy. So after about 2 weeks of moving up the ladder to higher level people, I was finally granted a refund minus a $10 refund fee. So I got back $57.

I Hate Modens - Part 1

You heard me right. I hate modems. Since January 26, 1998, I have had an ADSL connection to the Internet. Man how that changes your life! I am on the Internet up to 15 hours a day. I may start reading a column on the web in the morning, go and do something else, and continue reading the column 10 hours later!

So what drove me to hate modems so much other then the fact that I now am surfing with a rocket powered boat vs. swimming my way around the web?

The Waiting Game

It is 6:50pm PST Tuesday evening. I am sitting at my computer when I get ICQ'd by someone saying MacNN.com has just broken the news that the iBook SE, and an iBook speed bump have just been announced by Steve Jobs at Macworld Tokyo.

MWSF Keynote Thoughts

What a keynote, Steve Jobs actually surprised me with the new Apple navigation at the top of pages at Apple.com. I also was surprised by iReview, iTools, iCard, and oh yes the Mac OS X Interface "Aqua". I was also surprised when Steve Jobs didn't talk about Apple's profitable quarters and the general housekeeping he normally does at each keynote.  Another surprise to most was that Apple didn't unveil Pismo the next PowerBook G3. This surprised most people since Steve Jobs has announced a new product at every keynote since Macworld SF 99.

Peer Presure

New computer buyer: I am looking for a new computer.

Best friend: Buy a Pentium III 1ghz they're the fastest computer on the planet.

New computer buyer: Really?

Best friend: Yeah the fastest computer!

New computer buyer: I heard someone mention Macintosh and the G4 being the world's fastest computer.

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