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Life in the Fast Lane Part 4: ADSL Round 2 and the Beige G3 Saves the Day

Last time I discussed how out of the blue ADSL service was announced for the small Island where my mom lives. I then talked of how my worst fear came a reality when I was told my ADSL service was going the way of the dinosaur, and how on Tuesday July 23, at 7:45PM my ADSL lost sync forever.

I knew when those lights went out my beloved ADSL was gone forever. Now what was I going to do until Friday for Internet access? I needed to get on-line.

The Beige G3 Saves the Day

Life in the Fast Lane Part 3: Good News and my Worst Nightmare Comes True

Last time I talked about getting my new ADSL installed and how performance was over the first two years.

Life in the Fast Lane Part 2: Welcome to the World of Broadband

Last time I talked about how I heard about ADSL in October 1996, saw a demo of ADSL at Pac Rim 97 in Vancouver, British Columbia, and signed up and waited over 6 months for the rollout of ADSL in my province in January 1998.

Good-Bye My Life, Hello iLife

iLife combines iTunes 3, iPhoto 2, iMovie 3, and iDVD 3 in one box and will be available Saturday January 25 for $49. But wait; if you have broadband, or are willing to suffer through the long download on your dial-up connection, you can download iPhoto 2 and iMovie 3 from Apple.com on January 25 for free. Now lets see what's new with iMovie 3, iPhoto 2, and iDVD 3.

Life in the Fast Lane Part 1: The Lure of Broadband Internet

It was October of 1996. I was watching CNN Computer Connection. As I was watching, they starting talking about this new technology that was in the works that would offer you faster internet access over your phone as a dedicated high speed Internet connection, without tying up your phone line.

Get 10.1 Full Install CD's without using your Up-To-Date Coupons!

When I called the Apple store Tuesday evening to ask if I could order the 10.1 Up-to-date CD's via the Apple Store, I was informed that if I had ordered a Qualifying Mac, or Mac OS X through the Apple Store, that I could could by-pass the mail in Up-to-date program. What this means, is that I will have 10.1 Full Install CD's in my hands in 2-3 weeks plus 2-3 days for shipping (I Opted for FedEx $5 extra). I was also informed that only updater CD's would be available via retail stores which will require 10.0 and 9.1 to be installed.

Turning Mac OS X into a Lean Mean Web Serving Machine - Part III - Installing Apache with PHP

In the last article you learned how to install the latest version of Apache (not Apache 2, which is a beta at this time and I don't recommend installing it). This article will teach you how to install Apache with PHP support.

Reading and configuring httpd.conf will be discussed in the next article, since so many people want to have PHP working on Mac OS X. WARNING: the installation of PHP will take quite awhile to complete. So let's get started.

Turning Mac OS X into a Lean Mean Web Serving Machine - Part II - Installing the newest version of Apache

Last time I showed you how to enable the root account, and install the developer tools which are both needed to install the latest version of Apache.

Turning Mac OS X into a Lean Mean Web Serving Machine - Part I

On Saturday March 24, 2001 Apple released "The Next Generation" of the Mac OS to the world -"Mac OS X." Mac OS X has a Unix core (Darwin), and is nearly crash proof. Thanks to the Darwin core, Mac OS X includes the world's most powerful and free web server Apache. Along with this and the Unix under pinning, you are able to install PHP, and MySQL, along with any other Unix applications you could want for a web server (sendmail, BIND, etc).

Getting Apache with Server Side Includes and CGI running under OS X (BETA)

So many people have attempted to get Apache working under OS X with Server Side Includes and CGI, but like most people, couldn't get it to work. I was one of those people. I figured out the secret that has gone unanswered on all those Messages Boards. So I present you with a step-by-step process for getting Server Side Includes and CGI running on Mac OS X Public Beta. To see for yourself, check out my server.

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