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The Corrupt Apple

Well five years, three months and 18 days ago on Thursday June 4, 1998, my last Mac arrived.

Sonnet Encore Ziff G4 500mhz CPU for my Beige G3

After expecting a G5 in January - plans changed two weeks ago, and I now expect a Dual 3GHZ no earlier than Summer 2004. This has an upside and a downside. The upside is instead of a Dual 2.5GHZ on a 130nm CPU I will have a Dual 3GHZ G5 on a 90nm CPU - along with possibly Dual Optical drive bays and three to four hard drive bays. The downside is to get my work done over the next year, my Beige G3 won't cut it - even with maxed out upgrades (other than the CPU). So I was granted a CPU by my new job and last weekend I installed it with the help of Damien who has done several CPU upgrades on Macs.

The iPhoto and .Mac Homepage Blues

This past weekend, I showed my mom how to create photo albums in iPhoto. After we did that, and she mastered rotating, and got all her photo albums looking the way she wanted I said "now to put them on your website click homepage." And this is where the problems began.

Five Years on My Beige G3; Two More to Go: Part One

On May 11, 1998, I attended the satellite downlink for the World Wide Developer Conference keynote. That event would forever change the face of the Mac platform and my future as a user.

Hard Drive Saga Part Three: Replacement Drive and File Management with Two Hard Drives

In Part One and Two of my hard drive saga, I talked about how my Maxtor 60GB gave signs of immanent failure, and how I got a new hard drive since I couldn't trust using the warranty replacement as a primary drive. Today I will talk about my replacement drive arriving with a surprise, and looking at different partitioning options for building an effective file management system for keeping my files safe.

The Beige G3: 1997-2003

It seems Apple has sentenced the beige G3 to death-while sparing the tray loading iMac.

Moving from MP3 to AAC Not as Easy as One Two Three

When Apple announced iTunes 4 with the inclusion of AAC - a new audio codec developed by Dolby, with claims that it is higher quality than MP3 at the same bit rate - I was eager to convert all my CD's to AAC to get the higher quality audio. However, this wasn't going to be as easy as one two three.

How to Rip Your CD's into AAC Using iTunes 4

With the introduction of iTunes 4, Apple introduced the ability to rip your CD's into AAC a new audio codec developed by Dolby. Dolby claims that songs encoded in the AAC format at 128kbps sounds better then MP3's encoded at 160kbps. We won't debate that today that will be for a future article. Today I will show you how to use iTunes 4 to rip your CD's in the new AAC format.

How to Share your iTunes Library Over the Internet

With the addition of Rendezvous support to iTunes 4, Apple has introduced the ability to share your iTunes music library over the Intetrnet., along with finding other peoples' shared iTunes libraries.

Sharing your iTunes Library

Hard Drive Saga: Another One Bytes the Dust Part 2

Last time I talked about how my Maxtor 60GB 7200PM hard drive had started continuously doing the dreaded double beep every 30 seconds, and was told by a friend that the continuous double beep signified the hard drive was about to fail. I then tried to use Toast to backup my hard drive. Toast kept on locking up after verifying the files. Now for the conclusion to my tale.

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