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Hard Drive saga Another One Bytes the Dust - Part 1

A few minutes after I laid down for a rest, around 4:05PM I heard a double beep coming from my computer. I had heard this occasionally since around October after the startup chime, but my Mac just restarted and chimed again and booted normally. Another time I was playing a game and it double beeped twice within 3 minutes.

How to Point a Static Domain to Your Home Computer Part 3: Setting up ZoneEdit to point your .com domain to your home computer


Last time we took an in-depth look at DynDNS.org's free sub domain service. Today we are going to look ZoneEdit's free DNS service for the crowd that has their own .com domain.

Step One: Register a Domain

Adding RAM to my Beige G3 Nearly Killed Me

A week ago Friday (March 21), the two 256MB DIMMS I ordered for my Beige G3 finally arrived at Compu2000 - the store I ordered them from. Since my plans to go to the Island Friday had been postponed, I decided to have an early lunch and head out to get my RAM. I didn't tell my friend Alex who works at Compu2000 that I was coming, since I wanted to surprise him. I had said I was going to be away for a week and wouldn't be able to pick up the RAM until I got back.

Americans Getting Cheaper Macs?

When I went to deposit a cheque in US currency on Friday, I was in for a shocker. I was excepting the $48 cheque to be $74 Canadian. Well I was wrong by a long shot. I only got $70 from it. When I got home later, I got to thinking about how the rapidly rising Canadian Dollar is affecting Mac prices in Canada. What I found out was, based on a generous 1.5% exchange rate (1.46% on March 14 and 1.485 on March 17) that Canadians are paying way too much for their Macs.

MacWrite.com Three Years of History Part One: The Beginning

In late February 2000, I called up my best friend Alex, and said, "I want to see you, lets do lunch," since I wanted to touch base and talk about my life, and get ideas from him. He agreed, and we had lunch on that Friday at Barnes on Grandville St. (Good place if you live in Vancouver). This lunch however, would change my life forever...

Big Changes @MacWrite.com as We Turn 3

Today marks two milestones for MacWrite.com. Three years ago today MacWrite.com was born while I went out to lunch with my best friend. Now, today on the third birthday of MacWrite.com I am pleased to announce MacWrite.com is teaming up with JMUG-Connect to make MacWrite.com a true Mac site.

How to Point a Static Domain to Your Home Computer Part 2: - Using DynDNS.org

Last time we answered some common questions about pointing a static domain to your home computer, and briefly discussed DynDNS.org and Zone Edit. Today we will be taking an in depth look at dyndns.org's free static sub-domain service.

Restoring PHP in Mac OS 10.2.4 after upgrading from 10.2.3

After upgrading from 10.2.3 to 10.2.4, the Apache configuration file httpd.conf is reset. This means that any changes you made to the file, including activating PHP are lost. So lets restore the httpd.conf file so PHP works again.

If you don't have it already download BBEdit lite 6.1.2 a free download, sicne it has Open Hidden File, and also allows you to save read only files by entering your administration login/password.

How to Point a Static Domain to Your Home Computer - Part 1

If you have a server running on your home computer (web, ftp, file sharing, etc) or want to have a server hosted on your broadband Internet connection (ADSL, Cable, Satellite), having a static domain name pointing to your dynamic or static IP will make it easier for others, and you to connect to your server/computer remotely.

WARNING! Safari Can Erase Your Hard Drive

If you are using Apple's new web browser Safari, be warned it can erase your hard drive if you press the wrong key.

Safari has been exterminated from my hard drive for the sole reason that it can erase your entire home directory by holding down the option key while clicking a link to download. After reading this thread over at the MacNN forums, I immediatly got rid of Safari. My home directory is over 25GB, and well - I can't easily back it up.

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