Why don't I like These Gismos in New OS'es

After reading different columns about the Mac OS and the newest features like Sherlock, I have started to think what do I want to see in the Mac OS to make me buy a new version once or twice a year. I also am starting to think what needs to be done to make a completely 100% no training user friendly OS. What will make me buy a new OS is the underlying improvements such as:

  • improved stability
  • All applications supporting the latest API's
  • Continuing improved Navigation services for better handling of saving and opening of documents.
  • Instant launching of application.
  • inceased native G3 and G4 code to maximize the performance of my computer to make its life as my primary computer longer so I can afford to spend even more on my next box
  • improved plain talk also adding dictation
  • Faster networking * reliable and fast DHCP support
  • Tighter integration with the Internet
  • Network kill switch when well your Net access is dead so you can work without having your computer grind to a halt

The more Apple concentrates on making the Mac OS more user friendly and less complicated for the first time user while allowing the power user complete control over the OS. The more people will use Macintosh, and the name user friendly OS will stick.

I feel that the Computers and their OS'es are far from completely user friendly and easy to use and efficient. If you have ever seen the video done by Apple back in 1989 "Knowledge Navigator", you will have seen a demonstration of a very user friendly voice activated computer assistant. The person in the video said, "bring up my paper on the rain forest" and the computer assistant brought up the document he was referring to.\

With computers becoming faster, having larger storage capacity and seamless intergeneration with the Internet via Cable modems, Fiber Optic connections, Wireless Internet, and xDSL. Getting current information is becoming easier, faster, and takes less effort.

By having seamless integration with the Internet, someone needing information for a report for school or work, can easily fire up a web browser, on-line encyclopedia, or on-line up to date dictionary. Allowing them to find the information they need with in minutes without leaving their computer.

So how can Apple exploit this to help the user? They are already doing so. With Mac OS 8.5, we saw the introduction of Sherlock for doing Internet searches across several search engines at once.

With Mac OS 9 Steve jobs stated "Mac OS 9 has 9 great Internet features." These include Sherlock II, AppleScript over IP, File Sharing over IP,

By Apple concentrating on this stuff. They will make more people comfortable with computers, therefore adding to the Macintosh user base.

Apple is moving in this direction by implementing Firewire and USB for making connecting devices painless. With Mac OS 9, Apple has made using USB and Firewire devices even more user friendly. When a user connects a new USB device to there computer the Mac OS update feature goes to Apples's site and gets the USB driver, and installs it automatically therefore making the Mac OS even more plug in play then ever.

I will be exploring my ideas on where technology will be going over the next 5 years in future columns to give my point of view of what I want to see.