MWSF Keynote Thoughts

What a keynote, Steve Jobs actually surprised me with the new Apple navigation at the top of pages at I also was surprised by iReview, iTools, iCard, and oh yes the Mac OS X Interface "Aqua". I was also surprised when Steve Jobs didn't talk about Apple's profitable quarters and the general housekeeping he normally does at each keynote.  Another surprise to most was that Apple didn't unveil Pismo the next PowerBook G3. This surprised most people since Steve Jobs has announced a new product at every keynote since Macworld SF 99.

The PB Bronze was announced at WWDC 99 in May. There fore it's Apple's oldest product at present. The PB Bronze doesn't use the UMA (Unified Motherboard Architecture) design. However, the iBook, PM G4, and the new iMac's (iMac, iMac DV, and iMac DV Special Edition) all use the new UMA design.

I am delighted in some ways that Steve Jobs foiled rumor sites such as MOSR, and Apple Insider. They had been stating that Steve Jobs was 100% guaranteed to announce Pismo at Macworld SF 2000. If you watched the keynote, you may have noticed Steve Jobs when, talking about the product square he first talked about the pro and consumer desktops, then went onto the iBook figures and then said that's our product line.

Something missing? Yup you guessed it the Pro PowerBook. No mention of it at all not even a slide of the old Bronze PowerBook. It seems that a decision minutes before the keynote was to pull the announcement of the new Pismo PowerBook's. Another indicator of this was when Steve Jobs stated "our entire product line is airport ready." From these indicators it seemed that it was to be announce but wasn't due to some last minute problems with Pismo.

If there were last minute problems with Pismo it was a wise decision to pull the announcement from the keynote. Fresh in a lot of people's minds are Apple's problems with the G4's. Remember the 50mhz downgrade with no price change? Then Apple canceling all orders for the new G4's and telling people to reorder with the new configurations? Then with the outcry from customers whose orders were canceled, Apple was forced to reinstating all orders prior to October 13, 1999.

* * * * * * *

I was pleasantly surprised by the Aqua Interface of Mac OS X, and thought when Steve Jobs said Mac OS X was being announced that it was shipping.

Mac OS X from what I can see is going to be a superior OS. First off it is moving the UI closer to being a UI that anyone who has never seen a computer before can use. Second Mac OS X has a powerful kernel based on BSD a version of Unix.

Now with a Unix core, the power-user will be in heaven. They will be able to tweak every aspect of the OS. One point I love about this is, I now can run a complete Internet server suite. That means when I go away, I can connect to my home computer to grab files when on the road.

In closing, I think this year's Macworld SF 2000 keynote was full of suprises there fore making it very enjoyable.