MacWorld San Fransico 2005 Keynote Wrap-up Presented in HDTV

MacWorld SF 2005 keynote was the first keynote broadcast in high definition, but Mac fanatics had to wait for the sharper picture. Tuesday's keynote was the first keynote provided over the Internet to not be streamed live - rather delayed until Tuesday afternoon.

But the wait was worth it, especially after the broken promises of last year's Expo. Now Apple has something to show for 12 months of relative release inactivity. Here's a rundown of what materialized. Commentary added for reading pleasure.

HD stream not so sharp

When I opened the keynote stream at 12:45 p.m. Pacific standard time in QuickTime Player (earlier then the anticipated 6 p.m. Pacific Apple had stated it would be available on Monday), I switched to full screen before QT knew the resolution of the video and Steve Jobs head looked squashed. When he came on stage, he stated this was the first MacWorld to use HD projection which I assumed also meant that the stream was in HD. I dropped out of full -screen mode and it was confirmed. Went back to full screen mode and the video was displayed properly. Also Steve Jobs mentioned that 2005 would be the year of High definition.

To kick off the year of HDTV, Steve Jobs introduced Final Cut Express HD. FCE-HD retails for $299 US and now includes SoundTrack along with Live-Type. The gap between Final Cut Express and Final Cut Pro is narrowing. By including Soundtrack and Live-Type in Final Cut Express, Apple is lowering the cost for prosumers who just want to edit HD video and regular video without needing the advanced features of Final Cut Pro HD, which includes Cinema Tools, and supports other formats of video (Full DV, Beta HD, etc).

To complete the family of HD Video editing solutions offered by Apple, Apple Introduced as part of iLife 05 (will talk about the rest of iLife 05 in a minute), iMove HD. iMove HD allows you to edit full resolution 1080i and 720p HD video recorded on a HD-DV video camera. Steve Jobs stated that thanks to new prosumer HD camera like the worlds first prosumer HD camera made by Sony and stunning according to Steve Jobs. The world's first prosumer HD camcorder retails for $3,499.

Mac OS X

  • Most successful OS release in the history of Apple
  • Over 12,000 Applications for OS X
  • Completed the transition to OS X with over 14 Million active users

Mac OS X Tiger

  • Fifth major release of Mac OS X
  • On Schedule to ship in first half of 2005
  • 200 new features

Steve Jobs wanted to show all the new features in Tiger suck as: #1 Unix in the world, any process can address 64bits of memory, how Tiger is an even better Windows client and Windows servers, great technologies such as Core Image, .Mac Syncing, Safari RSS, and Automater. Since he didn't have time to show all that, he picks a handful of features to showcase.


  • Built right into the core of Tiger
  • Allows you to find anything
  • Final almost instantly
  • Spotlight in right top corner
  • OS notifies spotlight for instant update in spotlight search
  • Developers can build spotlight into their apps. Over 100 developers such as Microsoft is doing so now
  • Top hits shown as you type your search query
  • Hit return to see top 5 of everything (by category: images, e-mail, contacts, photo's etc)

Spotlight wonnabies from Google and Microsoft not as good as Spotlight since spotlight is nicer and built into the core of the OS.


Major upgrade to Mail in Tiger:

  • Spotlight integration enables instant search across all mailboxes
  • Mail also features a new cleaner interface
  • Instant slideshow from photo's in Mail.
  • Add photo's form mail slideshow to iPhoto

QuickTime 7

Apple will be shipping the next major version of QuickTime - Quicktime 7 as part of Tiger. QuickTime 6 has had over 330 Million copies downloaded 98% of that being the windows version since QuickTime ships as part of the Mac OS. Plus tems of millions more distributed with all sorts of CD's and other products. QuickTime has been an incredible success.

  • Most major upgrade to QuickTime in the last decade
  • Live resizing
  • 24-channel surround sound
  • Automatically mixes down if you don't have 24 channel surround sound
  • Full-screen overlay controls
  • One button audio and video recording
  • Full HD playback 1920x1028 24p
  • MPEG-4 Compliant
  • Biggest thing about QuickTime 7 is the H.264 codec
  • Fully scaleable from cell-phones to HDTV
  • Adapted for HDTV and by both groups for HD-DVD and Blue-ray DVD


Get in and out quickly to do a calculation, check the weather, stocks, etc. Add gadgets from dock look-alike

iChat AV 3

  • Uses H.264 codec for high quality video
  • 4-way video chat
  • 10 way audio chat
  • When video chatting with 3 and 4 people they look like they are floating on a desk with a reflection

If you look hard enough, you will notice when the stream shows Steve and whats on the big screen, it looks like iChat AV 3 with a reflective table top.

iLife '05

  • Apple is leading the digital revolution with iLife<.li>
  • iLife is Apple suite of media applications.<.li>
  • iLife has been a huge hit for Apple bringing all it's media applications together and having them inner-operate<.li>

iPhoto 5

  • Much better organization and searching
  • More supported formats (such as RAW (supported by higher end consumer cameras))
  • Far more powerful editing - you will not need to leave iPhoto to make your pictures perfect
  • Advanced slide-shows a big request
  • All new books and book designs
  • Price drop on 4x6 prints from 39¢ to 19¢
  • Project folders with multiple albums, books, and slideshows inside
  • Super-fast instant search. Search for photo's that are tagged with keywords
  • Calendar view: view by Month, Week, or Day instantly
  • Supports MPEG-4 movies so you can import movies off of your camera
  • Store and play movies from camera in albums and play from iPhoto
  • RAW support through iPhoto
  • Pictures across top for current album or entire library in edit view for quick access
  • Editing dashboard - allows you to edit photos to a much greater degree right within iPhoto
  • New books Software 11x8.5 $19.99 smaller soft-cover 8x6 $9.99 and a pocket book 3.5x2.5 $3.999 all 20 pages minimum thanks to double sided printing
  • Books available throughout the world on Day #1

iMovie HD

  • Dramatically faster - much higher performance
  • None destructive trimming in the time-line bee a big request
  • More transitions and effects
  • MPEG-4 video support so you can edit that video from your still camera or some camcorders
  • And a new think called Magic iMovie: plug your camcorder in select a few popups what kind of transitions you want, type in a title - push a button and iMovie will automatically spool in all the video off your camcorder, separate your video into clips, add effects add transitions, add a title and make you movie for you
  • Biggest feature of iMovie HD is that it edits HDV video 720p, 1080i

iDVD 5

  • 15 amazing new themes with animated drop zones
  • One step DVD creation Supporting all of the DVD formats

GarageBand 2

  • New JamPack - Orchestral Instruments - best piano ever shipped with GarageBand
  • Allot of requests for GarageBand
  • 8 channel multi-track recording #1 request
  • Re-time Music Notation - taken out of logic, which is really special
  • Pitch and timing fixing Recordable tracks are not as flexible as software instruments and lets you change key and timing and your recorded tracks will change
  • too Make your own loops
  • A fun vocal transformer

John Mayer returns to demonstrate GarageBand 2. He is accompanied by a second guitarist and singer. They record 4 tracks simultaneousl

iLife '05 has a price increase from $49 to $79 for single user version and $79 to $99 for the 5-Pack family pack. iLife goes on sale January 22. Free on all new Macs as always.



  • is building the successor to AppleWorks
  • AppleWorks was built before OS X and doesn't take advantage of long iLife and OS X
  • iWork built from the ground up to take full advantage of OS X and iLife
  • iWork has two applications in it. Keynote 2 and Pages

Keynote 2

  • Major upgrade of Keynote
  • Cinema presentation quality for everybody
  • 10 new Apple designed themes
  • Animated text
  • Powerful animated builds
  • Presenter display (allows the presenter to see current and upcoming slide with notes and timing info)
  • Interactive slideshows
  • Self-running kiosk slideshows
  • Keynote 2 is compatible with: AppleWorks, PowerPoint, adding Flash output, and PDF output along with QuickTime output as well


  • Brand new application
  • Pages is word processing with an incredible sense of style
  • Can do almost anything with it
  • Supports all the things you would expect in a really good work processor
  • Advanced Typography
  • Multiple columns
  • Text and paragraph styles
  • Footnotes

Most important feature 40 Apple designed templates

This is a new concept, where everything is setup, with Greek for text and Apple's photos and you just simply put in your own text and photo's in and you've got something astounding Each templates comes with all these pages you can select from Templates are awesome starting points iWork retails for $79 US

Mac Mini

Steve wishes he had a an answer every time he was asked "Why doesn't Apple have a stripped down Macintosh?" Steve says they do it's the xServe, but that's what people don't want. He says Apple thinks they know what people want, and Apple has a solution - "Mac Mini". It has a slot load optical drive. Comes with Combo Drive, one FireWire 400 port 2 USB 2.0 ports 100baseT Ethernet, 56K modem, and headphones jack. Super tiny - half the height of the iPod Mini. The Mac Mini is BYODKM (Bring Your Own Display Keyboard and Mouse) Mac Mini hooks up to almost any industry standard USB keyboard/Mouse and DVI or VGA display No line-in though. Comes bundled with Mac OS X Panther and iLife '05 Retails for $499 and comes in two configurations

Configuration 1

  • $499
  • 1.25GHZ G4
  • Radeon 9200 32MB
  • 256MB RAM
  • 40GB Hard Drive
  • Combo Drive

Configuration 2

  • $599
  • 1.42GHZ G4
  • Radeon 9200 32MB
  • 256MB RAM
  • 80GB Hard Drive
  • Combo Drive

Mac Mini target audience is the switcher who is thinking of switching but doesn't like the cost. Now they won't have any more excuses. People who want a second Mac in their house.

  • Most affordable Mac ever
  • Ships in tiny box


New feature for iTunes Music Store. Completely redesigned iTunes essentials. Now you can look for essentials by genre, artist, and decade.


  • 733,000 iPods sold in holiday quarter 2003
  • 4,500,000 iPods sold in holiday quarter 2004
  • 10 million iPods sold to date
  • 8 million of them sold in 2004 alone
  • 10 millionth iPod made on December 16, 2004. Steve shows it to crowd instead of selling it
  • More car manufactures to include iPod plug in 2005

iPod Shuffle

  • Apple introduced a new iPod based on flash memory to compete in the kotic flash MP3 market.
  • Smaller then most packs of gum
  • Weighs about the same as four quarters - less then an ounce
  • Simple set of control one button for play/stop, 2 buttons for volume up/down, and previous next buttons.
  • Plays songs in shuffle mode
  • Can switch to play in sequence by using a switch on the back
  • LED's to give feedback when you press buttons
  • Cap on bottom to reveal USB 2 connecter
  • 12 hour rechargeable battery
  • Supplied with lanyard to hand around neck (remove USB cover and connect to lanyard cover)

iTunes has something new for the iPod Shuffle. Autofill will go through your iTunes music library or playlist in order or at random, or most played songs etc. Autofill will automatically build a playlist of the precise size that fits on your iPod shuffle. iPod shuffle can be used as a USB storage device. Use iTunes preference to choose how much space to dedicate to Music and storage.

iPod shuffle comes in two version: 512MB $99 and 1GB $149. Shipping out of factory today.

Apple iPod Shuffle Accessories

  • iPod Shuffle Arm band
  • iPod Shuffle Dock
  • iPod Shuffle Sports Case (for more rugged environments)
  • Battery extender to add 20 hours of battery life (using AA batteries)
  • All Accessories $29 All rolling out in the next four weeks