I Hate Modens - Part 2

In part I of "I Hate Modems", I discussed how I got a USR modem for my first Mac,and had severe connection problems with it from April 1997.

On Friday I arrived home and I got the computer back and was back to square one. In early July, I gave up on my all you can eat ISP. So I phoned up and requested a refund for my remaining 3 months of service. They said they had a no refund policy. So after about 2 weeks of moving up the ladder to higher level people, I was finally granted a refund minus a $10 refund fee. So I got back $57.

I then moved to Internet Portal (an excellent ISP) and was with them from July 1997 - January 1998, at which time I moved to ADSL. So after switching to Internet Portal, the problem of dropping connections persisted. I then called up USR tech support once again, and they decided that after replacing 3 modems, it was time for a full refund of my $342 purchase price of the modem. I went back to the store I purchased the modem from, and promptly received a charge back to my bank account.

I then called Mac Warehouse Canada and was able to get a 33.6 Global Village modem for $104 CDN after a $50 US mail in rebate.

So I had a working modem which served me from August 1997 - January 1998, at which time I moved to an ADSL connection. So you would think that I could get rid of dial-up modems that easily? Not a hope in...well you know what I mean. There are still lots of times at which I am forced to downgrade my rocket powered boat to dog paddling around the web.

There are 3 times when I must slow down to dog paddling around the web.
1. When I am evicted for my landlord's annual vacation (believe me I hate it)
2. When I go to my Mom's every second weekend on the Island (which is also my landlord's break from me, which I must do with no ifs ands or buts about it).
3. When I have the 2 or 3 days a year when my DSL (or is it my Mac) goes off-line

So the #1 reason I am forced to dump my rocket powered boat, is that my landlord has in his contract that I must be evicted (in my words) from his house for 3 weeks a year, plus every second weekend.

So what does it mean when I am evicted for 3 weeks? Well I must leave his place, and am forced to move my computer (my choice since I would perish if I didn't have my Mac for 3 weeks cause of someone else wanting vacation) and anything else I will need to a, get this - a respite place! So what does that mean? Well, I am forced to share their phone line, and am moved to the suburbs, (at least last year) and that is living... well you know what I mean. In the move last year, I lost my bus pass and being on disability, that was pricey. I was, however, able to force the place I was at to pay for all my transit needs.

So anyway, getting back to the modem, I was forced to not only share the phone line, but pay on top of my ADSL service for one month of dial-up access. So it is very costly to me when I am moved. Working on that dial-up connection dramatically slows my ability to work on the web.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the final (I hope) installment of "I Hate Modems." I will be talking about life on the island every second weekend and using the island ISP, along with options upgrading to a rocket powered boat for surfing the web.