How to Share your iTunes Library Over the Internet

With the addition of Rendezvous support to iTunes 4, Apple has introduced the ability to share your iTunes music library over the Intetrnet., along with finding other peoples' shared iTunes libraries.

Sharing your iTunes Library

The first step is to get the free download of iTunes 4 (Mac OS 10.1.5 is required). Before you share your iTunes library, you need to know your IP address. An IP address is your computer's name on the Internet. Your friends' computer will need to know that address in order to talk to your computer. To find out your IP address, scroll to the bottom of this article. I have written a script that will tell you your IP. If you are behind a router, please consult your owner's manual on how to forward ports.

Configuring Jaguars built in firewall to allow iTunes sharing

If you are running 10.2's built in firewall, you need to open up port 3689 to allow iTunes sharing. To open up port 3689, go to System Preferences>Sharing. Then, go to the Firewall tab.

Now click "New"

Now from the drop down menu select "Other"

Now enter "3689" for the port, and iTunes Sharing for the name (or what ever you want to name it).

Click "Ok," and your new rule is setup. If you ever want to close the port, just uncheck "iTunes Sharing" which is at the bottom of the list. Click the stop button to stop the firewall and then start to start it again. This will apply the new rules.

Now lets turn on sharing in iTunes.

Once iTunes is launched go to iTunes preferences and then sharing.

Check turn on sharing, and select if you want to share your entire library, or just certain play lists. Choose a name for your shared library. Click "Ok" and you're done. If you'd like, visit the iTunes Sharing thread on our forums to share your iTunes library, and to view other readerrs iTunes libraries. Thare your IP with us, so we can all check out your music library.

If you have a dynamic IP (an IP that changes), using a static domain that points to you changing IP will make it easier to people find you, and it is easier to remember than an IP. Check out my article "How to Point a Static Domain to Your Home Computer Part 2: Using," or if you want to point your own domain to your computer, "How to Point a Static Domain to Your Home Computer Part 3: Setting up ZoneEdit to point your .com domain to your home computer for FREE," for help in setting up a static domain.

Finding other people's shared iTunes music libraries

Download Server Store. ServerStore is a listing of people who have made their iTunes libraries available. You can also add your shared iTunes library.

Click on a persons URL you want to listen to, then click Load in iTunes. Using the drop down menu at the top, you can also display just your favorite music libraries you like. Click on the URL for the music library you like, and click the add button.

Finally to add your shared library to the list, click "Publish Your Own." Have any more questions? Ask your question on our forums.