How to Rip Your CD's into AAC Using iTunes 4

With the introduction of iTunes 4, Apple introduced the ability to rip your CD's into AAC a new audio codec developed by Dolby. Dolby claims that songs encoded in the AAC format at 128kbps sounds better then MP3's encoded at 160kbps. We won't debate that today that will be for a future article. Today I will show you how to use iTunes 4 to rip your CD's in the new AAC format.

First you need to download iTunes 4 and QuickTime 6.2 (QuickTime 6.2 is needed to be able to encode in the AAC format) if you already haven't don so. Once downloaded and installed, launch iTunes and go to iTunes preferences.

Click the import button.

From the Import Using drop down menu select AAC (if not selected already).

You will see the default is set to High Quality (128 kbps). Some people have said that files encoded at 128 kbps AAC sound better then MP3 at 160kbps, but still warp some sounds.

To change the bit rate AAC encodes at, click the drop down menu for setting and click custom

Now in the AAC custom preferences you can set the bit rate up to 320kbps. For most people you will find 192kbps adequate. For the audio buffs, you will most likely want to set the bit rate to 320kbps (like me).

From here you can also change the sample rate to either 44.1000kHz or 48.000kHz, or just leave it set to auto. Last but not least you can also set if all files are encoded in Mono (one channel) or Stereo, or leave it set to Auto.

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