How to Point a Static Domain to Your Home Computer Part 3: Setting up ZoneEdit to point your .com domain to your home computer


Last time we took an in-depth look at's free sub domain service. Today we are going to look ZoneEdit's free DNS service for the crowd that has their own .com domain.

Step One: Register a Domain

If you already registered a domain, skip to step two. If you haven't registered a domain yet and are looking to get your own domain, use our preferred registrar Dotster. They also offer DNS services for the site, but we will get into that later.

Step Two: change the DNS servers your domain point to

The first step you will need to take before you use ZoneEdit is to change the DNS Servers your domain points to. Log into your domain registrars control panel, and under manage DNS Servers change them to and

Step Three: Signup with

Now go to and signup for an account. Remember that you will have to have the same contact info that you use for your domain to use ZoneEdit.

Step Four: Adding a Zone/Domain

Now that you have an account with ZoneEdit, it is time to add a zone. Login and click on add zone. Enter the domain you want to use with ZoneEdit (example

Step Five: Pointing your domain to your home computer

Now the big moment, lets point your domain to your home computer. Login and click on the domain you want to point to your computer. Now click on IP Address and enter www as the sub domain and then the IP of your computer (to determine the IP of your computer, open up System Preferences select Network and you will see your IP address. Enter that into the IP field and click add. Confirm your change on the next screen and then your done. Wait a minute and then type in your domain and it should load your website on your home computer if you have web sharing turned on. Contragulations! You now have pointed your domain to your home computer.

Step Six: Automate updating your Dynamic IP

If you have a Dynamic IP (an IP that changes once in a while), and you don't want to have to manually update the IP your domain points to every time your IP changes, then lets automate it.

Download DNS Update, which will monitor your IP and tell ZoneEdit's DNS servers when ever your IP changes without you doing anything. Once you have downloaded DNS Update, drag it to your Applications folder (I have mine in the Utilities folder).

Launch DNS Update and click Add User. Enter your ZoneEdit login and password, and select ZoneEdit from the Service drop down menu.

Now highlight your ZoneEdit user and click add host. Enter your domain name you setup with ZoneEdit. Remember that you must first add the sub domain you want to change the IP for via ZoneEdit's site before you can use DNS Update to automate updating the IP. Also note that for some reason DNS Update doesn't like sub sub domains. Example

That's it. You now have pointed your domain to your home computer. If you have any other questions or comments, please post away on our message board.