How to Add iTMS Songs to Your Music Library Without Buying the Song and Free Music?

While importing a playlist from my mom's Mac to mine, I accidentally discovered how to add the music from iTMS to my library, senza "Buy Now" buttons. This is very easy to accomplish, and I will show you how, along with showing you how to get allot of free music from iTMS.

This tip requires no iTMS account. Therefore, it isn't limited people in the US. First create a new playlist and name it, "Wishlist" or something else that will tell you it's music from the iTMS. Now go onto the iTMS and find a song you want to buy. Drag it to the play list you created. Now repeat until you have found all the Music you want to buy.

Now, select the playlist and go to File>Export playlist. Make sure to save it to the desktop as a text file. Now go File>Import, and import the playlist you just exported. Select the playlist and you will notice that there are no more "Buy Now" links. You will also notice that the songs have been added to your library. When you play the playlist, it acts like music in your library-you get fading, cam rate it, and do anything else you can do with music in your iTunes library, and are not prompt to register with the iTMS. Now for the free iTMS music...

There are allot of songs, or audio clips that are below 30 seconds. Find them and then add then to a playlist then export it and re-import it. Now you have a lot of free music. To help you get started, do a search for "Fanfare" I discovered 5 songs under 30 seconds.