The Corrupt Apple

Well five years, three months and 18 days ago on Thursday June 4, 1998, my last Mac arrived.

I remember the sound of the FedEx truck pulling up. Yet, before I could get away from my desk, it mysteriously pulled away. I didn't even hear a knock. By the time I got outside, it had departed far down the street. I came back into the house puzzled. To my surprise, the landlord was carrying my new Beige G3 down the stairs. Immediately, I started to work on transferring the files from my Powerbase 180 to my new Mac. I had to hurry, as later that day my mom and a friend came to pick up my old Powerbase. I had sold it to her friend's place of work. Everything was happy ever after. I wish. Ironically, just three days later the HD suddenly wouldn't mount. I had ro resort to a complete format and reinstall. Fortunately, no data was lost.

Yes, those were the good old days. Mac OS X was slated for fall of 1999 (hence going G3), and I had a new Mac. I remember calling into The Mac Show (when it was still broadcast from Vancouver, B.C.) and taunting Shawn King with the news of my new Mac... not to mention the 4mbps/640kbps ADSL. They where jealous, to say the least.

Yes sir, this Mac was a sure beast in those days. Then, after seeing the MacWorld San Francisco Keynote (via satellite downlink), I was very close to selling my Beige and getting the newly unveiled 300MHz B&W G3. After thinking about it, I didn't and I am glad I stuck with the good old beige. One reason was no RCA video in/out.

In March of 2000, I got it into my head to hook up my Beige G3 via RCA to my AWIA junk stereo and encode my CD's into MP3 and listen to them via the big speakers. That's when the first problem with my Beige G3 happened. I was getting hisses and pops when I ripped my CDs. This problem still persists today. I have been using my mom's iMac DV SE (1999) to do my ripping. As of recently, it has also been developing subtle hisses and pops in the ripped tracks.

Then, October 2000 came, and with that was Mac OS X Public Beta. Believe it or not, I was using it 95% of the time prior to the formal release of Mac OS 10.0 (March 24, 2001). Since then I have gone to 10.1 and currently on 10.2.6.

What about Mac OS 9, you ask. Looking back, I don't even know how I was able to survive in pre-OS X. Now that I think about it, it is as bad as being on Windows!

March 2001 also brought my first of many upgrades to my Beige G3. You can see the full metamorphosis here. From a OrangeMicro USB/Firewire PCI card - to Radeon Mac:Edition, this Mac has been fully upgraded including a CPU upgrade that was one of my breaking points. If you read my G4 ZIF Upgrade article, you would have read about how the Sonnet G4 upgrade made my computer extremely unstable. Well, that was only part of it. The other part, which is still a problem as I am writing this, has resulted from installing the second hard drive as a slave drive. It slowly was causing corruption. I had installed the second drive with an IDE cable that supported two hard drives in May, but didn't notice the corruption until the beginning of September.

A week before I installed the CPU upgrade, I decided to repartition my 80GB into 3.95GB, 3.95GB, 1GB, and remaining so I could install Mac OS 10.1 and 10.2. I needed to get screenshots of both OSs before I got my G5 in January (or so I thought). The screen shots being for a new Mac site I am working on. The G5s, to be released in January, will most likely only boot into 10.3, so older OS access would be out of the question.

Well, this caused some problems, but not nearly was bad as the corruption. I installed 10.1.0 on the first partition and it worked fine (other than Software Update reported my OS was up to date - which it wasn't by a long shot). Then, I installed Jaguar (X.2) on the next 3.95GB partition. It installed fine, and software update worked. After another reboot from installing more software...BOOM! Jaguar would not reboot again.

After five to seven reinstalls (I lost count) - it finally clicked. I realized I was slightly over the 8GB limit. When I had changed to 3.95GB x2 partitions I had just divided 7.9GB by two. This meant that I must have been over by around 10-20MB. I went back to 7.9GB, 1GB, and remaining. Problem solved.

However, I was still getting some kernel panics when I did certain things. It stayed stable until I got the CPU upgrade, and of course that caused a lot of kernel panics. After I took out the CPU, I was still getting kernel panics. A week ago Damien and I realized that having the slave drive in my Beige G3 has been causing corruption, and that was the source of my problems.

On Monday, things took another turn for the worse. I had no choice but to pull the second drive and reconnect my internal CD-ROM (the slave drive had been sitting on my CD-ROM IDE bus).

Going back a few weeks, I went into shock over my computer (read my G4 ZIF upgrade article). I broke down and ordered a DP 1.25GHz G4 with a SuperDrive and ComboDrive, 160GB HD, and 256MBs RAM. I ordered a 512MB DIMM from Kingston to bump it up to 768MB of RAM. I also got the $99 Canadian .Mac deal, along with two packs of 2x Apple DVD-R media. I can finally backup my massive Apple keynote and video collection.

Yesterday, I found out from the store I had ordered it from that the computer had shipped on 9-22. Additionally, that it should be expected at the store today by 11a.m.

So, as you're reading this, I should be going to the store to pick up my new G4. Now how do I get it home? Taxi is to expensive, and I can't drive. Another saga to follow...