Burning my First DVD

As I write this, I am doing the final check on my first DVD I have ever burned.

It's not a video DVD, but a data DVD containing 95% of the digital photos I have shot since May 31, 2002. I upgraded from the Combo Drive to the SuperDrive at a whopping $300 when I got my G4 (along with a Combo Drive as well at another $225 Canadian), so I could archive allot of stuff that is just way to big or will take up too many CDs to store. Along with the photos I need to archive, I also want to archive my extensive Apple keynote collection along with Apple commercials and other videos collection.

I have opened up the 2x DVD-R box I bought with my Mac and am writing this article to avoid breaking the seal holding the 5 DVD-R's together. Ok, ok... I will break the seal (stop pressuring me guys). There, I broke the seal. Hmm... the back covers of the DVD-R cases feel nice. Now for the big moment to do one final check and burn that DVD...my first, I might add.

I opevned up DiskCopy and selected the DVD Disk Image to burn and the speed setting is grayed out! I don't want to burn at maximum speed. I only have 2x DVD-Rs and don't want to burn at 4x. Off to the Finder now. Good, it detected the speed of the DVD (I've never seen that before) and it allowed me to set the burn speed. Looking at the list of burn speeds it only allows me up to 2x? Either I only have a 2x DVD burner (which I don't have) or, most likely, Apple put in a code or something in the media to tell the DVD burning software what speed the DVD media is rated for. This is good for Apple, in that people won't be able to over burn their 2x DVD-Rs at 4x to avoid paying for Apple's more expensive 4x media.

Ok, enough talk. Time for burn, baby! When I click "Burn" in Disk Copy, it shows grayed out "Maximum burn speed" but once the DVD is inserted and verified, it shows only 2x. This is good. Now all I have to do is wait for my DVD to burn. Hmm... I think I smell something burning (no joke). Must be my imagination.

I started the burn at 10:11 p.m. and it's now 10:38 p.m. and it looks like it's almost done. I will know in a few minutes. Well it finished at 10:41 p.m. and is now verifying the DVD. The good news this thing is silent during verification. My Yamaha Firewire 16x10x40x CDRW sounds like a plane taking off when it's burning a CD. Since I have two CDRW drives, I am looking at selling it (e-mail me if you are interested. I live in Vancouver, B.C., Canada). With the money, I would like to get an iSight.

Well it's been 12 minutes since verification started and it isn't even 40% done! I am guessing it is going to take a good 30 minutes for the verification. So from start to finish this DVD will take a whopping 60 minutes to burn! It finished and ejected at 11:07 p.m.- four minutes ahead of schedule. Well that's it. I burned my first DVD. WOOHOO!