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How to hack your partners or friends Plenty of Fish account

When I received my weekly "Matches" from Plenty of Fish, I discovered a way to hack someones Plenty of Fish account. Here is a tutorial on how to hack someones Plenty of Fish account and see what they are upto (if they are your partner, friend etc).

Tiger Unleashed: New System Specs Explored

Yesterday Apple announced April 29 will mark the the fifth major release of Mac
OS X - Tiger (10.4). With a new OS comes steeper system requirements, which
means dropping support for older systems.

Here's a capsule look at how each of Apple's hardware lines will be affected by the new built-in FireWire requirement. The previous Mac OS X Panther update also posed a hardware barrier with the requirement of built-in USB.

MacWorld San Fransico 2005 Keynote Wrap-up Presented in HDTV

MacWorld SF 2005 keynote was the first keynote broadcast in high definition, but Mac fanatics had to wait for the sharper picture. Tuesday's keynote was the first keynote provided over the Internet to not be streamed live - rather delayed until Tuesday afternoon.

But the wait was worth it, especially after the broken promises of last year's Expo. Now Apple has something to show for 12 months of relative release inactivity. Here's a rundown of what materialized. Commentary added for reading pleasure.

Keychain Tip: Make sense of all the login and passwords

Keychain is a secure way to store all your logins and passwords for applications (such as Safari, Mail, Entourage, Quicken etc) and web sites, just to name some things that use this powerful tool. The catch is when you open up Keychain, you see this list of website URLs and odd names that don't make sense. With this tip, you will be able to turn all that clutter into stuff that makes sense to you and take control of your key chains.

The Race to the 100,000,000 iTunes Song Sold

On July 1st, Apple announced that the iTunes Music Store (iTMS) was just over 5 million songs away from reaching the 100 million download mark. Starting at the 95 millionth song sold, on every 100th thousandth song, Apple gave away a 20GB iPod.

How to Add iTMS Songs to Your Music Library Without Buying the Song and Free Music?

While importing a playlist from my mom's Mac to mine, I accidentally discovered how to add the music from iTMS to my library, senza "Buy Now" buttons. This is very easy to accomplish, and I will show you how, along with showing you how to get allot of free music from iTMS.

Batttle of the Beige G3 - Round Two

I've been running Ma OS X on my Beige G3 since October 5, 2000, which dates back to the Public Beta. Everything has run flawlessly until April 2003, that is. That's when my 60GB master HD developed the beep of death (read the article for full details of the account). By the end of August things had gotten so bad, among them a failed G4 upgrade, that I had no choice but to get a new Mac immediately. Well, a week ago things went south again and here is my tail...

Mastering .Mac: How to Manage Your Homepage Via the .Mac Website

I have used .Mac to setup several web pages. All my web pages are listed on the top of all the individual web pages, and I would like to delete one of them. How do I do that? Secondly, I don't want to allow access to all of my web pages, when I give out just one of the address. How can I limit access?

Burning my First DVD

As I write this, I am doing the final check on my first DVD I have ever burned.

First Impressions My new PowerMac!!!

Can you say fast? This thing is a beast! It takes my Beige G3 to the cleaners.

On Friday my new PowerMac G4 DP 1.25GHZ arrived and man is this thing fast! I BTO'd it with a SuperDrive and Combo Drive, along with 512MB of Kingston RAM for a total of 768MB. Of course, I will likely give in to the urge and max it out within the next 12 months. I also upgraded the stock 80GB HD to 160GBs. This thing is blazing fast - and supports Mac OS 9 for the times I want to play Carmageddon or Unreal - at least until they are carbonized (one only hopes).

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