First Impressions: Apple's Music Store

After being forced to watch Apple's presentation in of all formats Microsoft Windows Media, I was impressed and disappointed with the new Apple Music Store.

After downloading iTunes 4, I proceeded to the Music Store, and guess what? I was presented with "Apple Music Store is not available in your country." I live in Canada, which in the past other then the online Apple Store, has been supported at time of launch. After my initial profanity at the top of my lounges, the store did load. I tried looking for "The Rose" and the search worked well. I clicked to listen, and the sound quality was ok coming through my stereo speakers.

Next I tried browsing the store, with the first 3 attempts I made, each time I was confronted with store error. Since I was trying this out within 15 minutes of introduction, the server's must have been slammed with everyone trying out the store. By 3PM P.S.T. the store was working almost error free, and by the evening was error free.

I am very impressed with the Apple Music store. Even though I can't buy the music through the Apple Music Store, I can still browse it, and previews songs. Unless I only like 1 song on a CD, and can't stand the other songs, I will use the store to preview songs on a CD I want and then check to see if the same CD is available in Canada, then add it to my CD wish list.

Apple's Music store is addictive, I have spend most of Monday evening going over the list I have build of CD's/Songs I want and finding the best CD's with the Most songs I want. This is an excellent way to preview CD's before you buy them in the store for the people like me who prefer the CD over downloading the songs/Album.

I did this from time to time using and but having to use Real One and Windows Media player, it wasn't pleasant.

I talked with a friend on AIM tonight who actually downloaded some songs, and he said it was easy. I asked if he could transfer the song to me so I could see what level of DRM was in it. Once transferred to me I clicked the song and got the following dialogue box.

Once I click authenticate computer iTunes opened and asked for the AppleID of the person who purchased the song. This is good, I typed in my AppleID to see what error would be given, but it hung on connecting to server. I gave up after realizing that it could have killed his account. After the test, I deleted the song.

He and I both had some concerns about the one-click purchase. First what if your kids gained access to your user account? They could one-click buy a lot of songs and you would be charged for them with no recourse for reversing the charges. Even with shopping cart as an option, which requires you to verify that you want to buy the songs, it's still one-click from there. There is no password required etc. I think Apple should have an option to have "Password required for one click purchase" to prevent fraudulent use.

I think Apple has created a home run with "Apple Music Store." You can either download a song, or album with one click, or for those like me who prefer the CD (or you can get the CD cheaper then downloading it) use the store to preview albums before you buy without the hassle of listening to them in store, or through an on-line store with music samples.

If you think the Apple Music Store is great, wait for my review of iTunes 4, I found some interesting things in there that you may not know about...