Critical Mass

Ten Mac OS X Loose Ends

As the year closes, we naturally want to tie up loose ends, etc. Over the year, we dealt with many Mac OS X issues in this column. Some issues were raised and never solved; some cropped up since. I would like to tackle them today, and prepare to start the New Year with a tabula rasa.

Host Lookup Order

Sweet Mac OS X Dreams

We in our office are feverishly winding up before we wind down our operations for the year. It is a chaotic time of making up for lost time and meeting impossible deadlines. Things ought not be and were not always this way. Or perhaps they were, but my perspective changed. My perspective on computing changed when I took delivery of Mac OS X. I have never looked back since.

X on Mac OS X - A Step Forward

(Editor's note, May 7, 2002: this article has been updated in X on Mac OS X - Another Step Forward to take account of recent advances in X and OS X development.)

Improving A Pretty Good Mac OS X Home Network Proposal

A couple of weeks ago Apple announced the next generation of its AirPort, a new and improved - and even better looking - wireless hub and software. I took the opportunity to propose my "perfect" home network, a wireless one built around it, and a standard wired one built from components I know. It turns out that I could have done better.

Locked Out Of Mac OS X - Solved!

Last week I published a plea for help. I had found myself locked out of Mac OS X on my iMac. As that is where I do my writing, it was a crisis. A small crisis, granted, but a crisis nevertheless. I am here now to tell you that my OS X is back online again and to extend my sincere gratitude to those of you who wrote me in response. Without you, I would still be writing in OS 9 and feeling stranded on an island.

Locked Out of Mac OS X

Eventually everyone gets a turn. Often, it comes without warning. It never fails to surprise. So it was with me when I found myself locked out of Mac OS X.

I have been writing this column on OS X since the beginning. Today I'm using any tool I can find in OS 9, as they are all I have access to. Perhaps you'd care to hear my story. The end has yet to be written.

My Ideal Mac OS X Home Network

A little while back I ended a series on Mac OS X security with a wishlist for that "perfect" home network. Since that time, Apple has introduced a next-generation AirPort hub. That changes things, and suggests an updated wishlist.

AirPort Made For Mac OS X

Apple has done it again. They have come out with the next generation of AirPort hub, and if you do wireless you'll want to know about this.

Viruses and Mac OS X

Will all due respect and deference to those directly involved with fighting terrorism, allow me to point out that we in cyberspace are waging our own war against terrorism also. The folks at outfits like Symantec and McAfee are assured of lifetime employment because of it.

Bcc In Mac OS X

So I am still getting bulk email with my address in the message for all to see. Frankly I am getting tired of asking people nicely to use Bcc instead of To or Cc when they include me in bulk mailings. What would you tell 'em?

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