Critical Mass

DiskWarrior And Mac OS X

Every vehicle needs service periodically. A computer is no different. A little periodic maintenance can keep your machine humming, and prevent major failures later too. In your arsenal of tools, DiskWarrior for Mac is essential. If it's your only tool, it's an excellent choice.

Printing In Mac OS X

Every computer operating system has its ways to print, some manifest, others cryptic. Mac OS X does things, printing included, a little differently from its Mac OS predecessor. Let's take a look.

By now you probably have printed something with Mac OS X if you have been using for even a short length of time. Here I intend to focus on two perspectives, that of the experienced Mac user who has just migrated to OS X, and the owner who is about to shop for a printer.

X on Mac OS X - Another Step Forward

While checking a previous article entitled X on Mac OS X - A Step Forward, I realized that enough had changed since that time to warrant a substantial rewrite. So here we go, how to install an excellent X Window server on Mac OS X.

Introduction To The X Window System

A First Look At Microsoft Office v.X for Mac OS X

It arrived this week. The much-anticipated Microsoft Office v.X for Mac OS X had arrived, not only on the scene, but also in my mailbox. The demo was a successful venture. Now it's the real thing. Let's take a first look.

Secure Encryption with GPGMail on Mac OS X

Privacy has been becoming an increasing concern in more people's lives for quite a few years now. Apparently people aren't concerned about it in their email correspondence, though, if current practice is any indication. A little program called Pretty Good Privacy began to change things, and that technology is available for Mac OS X.

Recycling Mac OS X Settings Into A New Mac

Eventually the time comes for a new piece of hardware. Usually it's because of a quantum increase in speed or usability, say, a new iBook. But how to integrate old settings with new hardware? That's today's task.

PowerPoint v.X on Mac OS X

Last week we considered the short list of office packages for Mac OS X. An immediate need for Microsoft PowerPoint occasioned this visit. Let's take a look at PowerPoint v.X for OS X today.

Office Packages for Mac OS X

Recently there has been a need around here to do Microsoft PowerPoint. A couple of weeks ago Comdex West was held here in Vancouver, British Columbia. Reviewing some of the materials required Microsoft PowerPoint, an excellent opportunity to play with Office for Mac OS X. There are other fish to fry also, such as AbiWord and of course AppleWorks.

Reflections on a Year With Mac OS X

It has been a year since the debut of Mac OS X. We looked at it together in my first Critical Mass article, Mac OS X First Look. And we never looked back.

Mac OS X Internet Browsers

Last week we built a supercharged internet browser called Dillo. It is an X Window application that runs on Mac OS X. It stacks up surprisingly well against Internet Explorer and OmniWeb, the OS X heavies.

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