Critical Mass

FaxSTF for Mac OS X

Up to now there wasn't a commercial application capable of adding fax functionality to Mac OS X. Now there is, with Smith Micro's FaxSTF X. With a legacy of Mac OS support behind it, FaxSTF delivers the mail.

An Alternate Way to Print Between Mac OS X and Windows

The standard ways to print from a Mac OS X computer are USB and network. Practically all new inkjet printers and many others today support the USB interface. Most Macs can also print to most printers that use standard printing protocols over a network. A problem crops up if the printer fits neither of the above categories.

Acrobat eBook Prime Time Minus Mac OS X

If ever there was a document file type that became ubiquitous, it is Adobe's Portable Document Format, or pdf for short. At the dawn of the Age of the Internet came the concept of e-texts, which inevitably evolved into e-books. Adobe has just the product for them. Its name is Acrobat eBook Reader.

X vs Mac OS X and Other Matters

An interesting web site has just appeared. It is called X-Solutions, and offers X Window solutions to users of Windows and unix machines. For about the same price, you can get X on Mac OS X, and the operating system is thrown in "free"!

Between Friends: Attachments, Encoding And Mac OS X

It remains a fundamental problem, sharing files between dissimilar computers. Mac OS X has come a long way, but things aren't perfect yet for some of us, particularly when it comes to sharing email attachments, though it all just keeps getting better.

eMac And Mac OS X Are Worthy Successors To Venerable iMac

A while ago, Apple quietly produced an educational version of the now-venerable iMac, and called it eMac. It was a winner in the classroom, and seems to be wildly popular in Apple dealer showrooms too.

Software Quality Control, Microsoft, and Mac OS X

Hot off the press this week is yet another issue that places Microsoft squarely in the litigation gun sites. This time it is the issue of software quality. Naturally, the proffered solution is to get the government to force the issue.

Quartz Internet Explorer For Mac OS X

Another first, Quartz Internet Explorer for Mac OS X. The original OS X browser finally comes of age, and it was worth the wait.

It always seemed a touch of irony that Microsoft's Internet Explorer for Apple's Mac OS X had been inextricably woven into the operating system from the start, and arguably more tightly than IE ever was coupled to Windows. Nevertheless, I am grateful to both companies for the browser that has remained my mainstay of normal internet use. That browser just got a lot better.

Mac OS X Believe it Or Not

It seems that a fever is in the air. Over the last couple of weeks an unusual number of crazy Mac happenings have taken place. You be the judge.

Cracks In The Mac OS X Experience

The focus of this column in large part has been on the virtues of Mac OS X, Apple's serious entry into the network computing arena. But in a fallen world nothing is perfect. And, if any corporate logo can be said to represent that fallen world, it's the Apple: the logo, not the company.

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