Critical Mass

Mac OS X Fun

This week's article received its name before the October 23rd iPod announcement from Apple. How perfect! Catch the commercial, and you'll want to catch an iPod too.

More Mac OS X Pleasant Surprises

Last week I shared with you the very few loose ends I found with the new Mac OS X version 10.1 upgrade. Success begets success. One after another, practically every one of those concerns has already been addressed, and almost without patches or other software updates either. Allow me to elaborate.

Mac OS X v10.1 Pleasant Surprises

It's been almost two weeks, and my upgraded OS X installations work fine. Except for minor teething pains when I made my first upgrade to X.1 - make sure you do one extra reboot before using it - it's been an altogether pleasant experience. Nothing crashes, and things generally work well. Internet Explorer positively snaps! And, the big news, DVD Player for OS X is a peach. Love it!

Day of Infamy Part 2

It happened. This morning the West struck Afghanistan, on the supposition that its government was shielding our number one suspect in the World Trade Center atrocity of September 11th.

Traditionally when an enemy appeared on your shores no-one had to prove to anyone that you were at war. Today we fight an unseen enemy, who strikes then evaporates. All we have is a post factum trail of evidence, which we piece together for a never-complete picture.

The Mac OS X Version 10.1 Upgrade

Finally! I snagged a copy! It took a couple of tries. But now the Latest and Greatest from Apple is mine too. And it was free! Thank you, Apple! Allow me to share a few experiences of the new OS X.1 with you.

Mac OS X Shortcuts for New Users

Mac OS X will make it into the operating system hall of fame some day. Will it make it into yours? Maybe, if you can just figure out how to get started. That's exactly what we'll tackle today.

Is Mac OS X Still Mac OS?

There are stirrings in the air these days that Mac OS X might not really be Mac OS after all. Let's take a look at some of the issues.

Day of Infamy

This morning the twin towers of the World Trade Center ceased to exist. The Pentagon was attacked with the same terrorist tactic. A bomb exploded outside the State Department in Washington. Another plane crashed near Pittsburg, PA. The morning news headlines read like a surreal science fiction thriller.

We are at war with an invisible enemy. Speculation runs high as to who that enemy is, but the raw fact that there is an enemy is clear.

The Mac OS X Shell

Mac OS X is becoming such an integral part of my daily computing that I tend to forget that Apple ever had another operating system. Somehow that seems to smack of ingratitude on my part. Yet I appreciate the original Mac OS in a personal way, because that's what I learned on. Without it, I'd have had a much harder time with OS X. At the same time, there comes a time where I have to let go and move on. It appears that for me that moment has already passed.

MacGIMP for Mac OS X

We have been following an X Window System on Mac OS X track for the last few weeks. Today I would like to look at a bona fide X application called MacGIMP, made expressly for Mac OS X. It may well be the very first shrink-wrapped X application ever produced for OS X, and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to review a copy.

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