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Boswell for Mac OS X - A Writer's Companion: Part Two

Last week we looked at a product called Boswell for Mac, a writer's tool for organizing thoughts, notes, and other components that go to make a document. This week we will work through a practical example.

Boswell for Macintosh - A Writer's Companion: Part One

One of the essential tools that a writer needs is a system for organizing information. Boswell for Mac may be just the thing. Think of it as PostIt Notes on steroids.

Let me say up front that this is a Mac OS program, with an OS X version in the works. As I work almost exclusively in OS X, I chose to review Boswell on the expectation of that OS X version. Even as a classic Mac OS application, it stands on its own merits. But ultimately a native OS X version is required.

Sonnet CPU Upgrade Kits for Mac

Some time back we looked at a PowerLogix processor upgrade for a Macintosh G3 computer. This week we examine a Sonnet upgrade package for an early iMac.

Norton AntiVirus for Mac OS X

Always there for Mac, the venerable Norton AntiVirus came out in beta for Apple's newest operating system soon after Apple's Mac OS X operating system hit the streets. Having had sufficient time to mature, NAV for OS X has been a shrink-wrapped product for some time. Now there is a new beta release.

Setting Up XDarwin On Mac OS X

Last week we installed and set up Apple X11, a bona fide Apple rendition of the XFree86 X Window system for Mac OS X. This week we will do the same for XDarwin, the open source version, which has sufficient maturity and stability to be usable in a production environment.

Setting Up An X Server On Mac OS X

With the advent of Apple X11, it is a sure bet that the X Window system is here to stay on Mac OS X. Though it does not yet come bundled with the operating system, you can install it yourself. Here's how.

Ten More Mac OS X Loose Ends Part Two

Last week we considered a list of five items to enhance the Mac OS X Jaguar user experience. Today we will look at five more that tweak a few of OS X's unix underpinnings. You can do this!

Ten More Mac OS X Loose Ends Part One

When it comes to computers, the user experience can always be improved. When it comes to Mac OS X, just a few tweaks will do the job. And it gets better, as the good folks at Apple's software division keep making it so. Witness the announcements in the Macworld keynote this past week.

Mac OS X Year-End 2002

Many people take stock at year end, literally and figuratively. Apple made quite a few milestones this year, its Mac OS X Jaguar operating system possibly being the one most widely touted.

An Expressive Mac OS X Christmas Present

Christmas presents generally are given as signs of love and gratitude. A few times they're given as gentle suggestions. If you felt so inclined to express warm feelings towards your Mac, I would understand completely. What more expressive and suitable gift could there be for the networked Mac or its owner than a combo NAT gateway such as one of the Asante FR3004 series?

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