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On Rubbernecking And Rumors

More likely than not, by the time you read this, Steve's Macworld Keynote will be over. In contrast, as I write this, it's the night before he dazzles us. It's not unlike the night before Christmas. For the past few weeks, the virtual world has been working itself up to the traditional pre-Macworld tizzy.

Before I continue let me state that I haven't and won't join in the rumor-mongoring. It reminds me too much of the rubbernecking we've all observed and cursed when driving past a traffic accident.

The Stench Permeates

A couple of nights ago the wife and I headed out to dinner. It was the first time in a long while since we had done that. In tow we had the apple of our eye, our nearly one year old baby boy who Iím happy to say consumes most of our time these days.

The Foot’s In The Other Shoe

Is it just me? Am I the only one who noticed something last week that was as twisted and inside-out as an episode of The Night Gallery? I canít believe I havenít seen more airplay on this in the mainstream press. What gives? Donít get me wrong. I know the story was carried far and wide. But how is it that this angle went unnoticed?

What, you ask, am I blathering on about?

Hating the Mac

I donít doubt that youíve read reports about people who have gone so far as to proclaim their hatred for the Macintosh, Apple Computer, and Steven Jobs. Yes, theyíre out there. I sometimes wonder if just a little of their animosity isnít justified. Not all of it, mind you. Perhaps some of it can be understood, if not agreed with.

JagWyre Junkie

Youíve all read the stories. and, very likely, have experienced it yourself. Youíre sitting there, minding your own business, being productive, thanking the computer gods that youíre using a Mac instead of some evil Redmondian incarnation. Then, it happens. You move your mouse to the bottom of the screen to bring up the dock youíre witness to the most spectacular nothing you could have imagined.

Buffoons at Large -- These Guys Are Professionals

A few weeks ago Apple Computer announced their quarterly earnings. Once again the leadership at Apple succeeded in thinking different and not performing at all like the rest of the computer industry. Well, most of the industry, anyway. What did they come up with that was so startlingly out of character? Come here. Closer. I'll whisper it to you. See, I don't want to say it too loud. Ready? Here it is:

They made a profit.

Half Baked Laws Toasted Virtual Rights

You head out for the evening for a little R&R. A little dining, a movie, a couple of drinks; the usual. You return home to find your home has been broken into. The door is busted open and the shelves where you keep your books have been ransacked. You expect something is missing but how do you know that for sure? If you're like us, you have stuff spread high and low in your home. If, for example, they had taken my 19th century copy of A Tale of Two Cities [birthday present from a fellow Star Trek fan] would I notice it right away? Would I think to look?

Perfectly Tuned Crow and Did I Hear What You Thought You Said?

Two, two titles for the price of one. You see, this week, I've got a couple of things on my mind. You always hear about writer's block. Well, I don't seem to have that problem lately. First up, some comments on Apple's iTunes and the price of Jaguar.

Saying a Thing Doesn't Make it So

If you were of age to vote in the last presidential election you're easily old enough to remember the beginning of what has been labeled as a landmark legal case. Remember? Back in the dark ages. Before the debut of Mac OS X; before the arrival of QuickTime 5; before the burst of the dot-bomb bubble; there was the beginning of The Great Microsoft Antitrust Trial [TGMATT]. Contrary to popular belief, this litigation hasn't always been with us. You might say its more like taxes, than it is death.

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