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Integration Innovation

You've got to hand it to our Federal Government and John Ashcroft's Department of (In)Justice. Justice is rumored to be blind. In at least one case, she surely is. Alas, her alleged visual handicap is intended to offer the opportunity to prove one's innocence. It is not meant to offer only a blind eye toward the most transparent and illegal of behaviors.

Is That Opportunity Knocking?

Coming up with the right product, the right offering, that next insanely great iThing is half the battle. In and of itself that's more than enough of a challenge for just about any entrepreneur. That said, the other 75% of the battle is finding the right time to introduce your widget to the world. Maybe, just maybe, Apple is going to get that one last chance we're all looking for.

Fighting, And Losing, The Good Fight

Its the stuff that our nightmares are made of. One way or another, we've all been there and wished we weren't. Sometimes its the simple frustration of the conversation when your windows counterpart admits to the superiority of the Macintosh, but points out that 'they' (meaning Apple) missed the boat.

Talk about stealing your thunder.

Lindows Gives Linux A Bad Name

First, I like linux. I really do.

Second, I've always hoped that Lindows could give wintel some grief.

Third, if they compete with Apple, that's a good thing; even the iSteve needs to be kept in check sometimes.


I don't know which is worse, the website or the Reuters article I discovered this on.

Bits, Bites, and Bothers

This week I touch on a few different issues. None of them is really worthy of its own article so I've munged them all together into one big literary mess.

The Price of iQuality

We should have heeded that ancient warning and been more careful of what we wished for. Steve Jobs is many things to many people. One of those things he should have gotten credit for was being right. So many people, faithful or otherwise, sneered at his comparisons of the mighty Macintosh to other more luxurious and decidedly less commoditized (dull) items. His unwavering belief was and is that people will pay a premium price for a premium product.

Living The ilife

I'm one who has been looking forward to the threatened release of the new iApps since the iSteve first demoed them at MWSF. I saw a lot to like and was thrilled that so many of the rumor sites had missed the boat in predicting that there would be a fee for the refreshed suite of software.

Outrage, Blame, And The Mirror Of Responsibility

A man is seriously injured while crossing a public street. He is struck by a one of two cars driven by the participants in an illegal street race. How do you judge him? If you consider that he was in a crosswalk, do you rate him as the victim of a terrible tragedy? Might you see fit to declare him to be the vile perpetrator of a crime?

Remember that question. We'll come back to it later.

The Mountains We Make, And Secret Weapons To Plow Them Under

Someone, somewhere, once said that its the little things that matter. Today I'm going to talk about one of those little things. Some of you may rise to your feet, point your finger at the monitor and declare, "SEE!" Others will shake your head in disbelief and vow never to read this column again. The rest of you will nod knowingly, and go about your lives as if you have other things to consider that are of greater importance to you.

You'll all be right.

This is Your Father's iPhoto

In keeping with last week's article I was elated that the iSteve announced that, for now, the bulk of the iApps would continue to be downloadable for the low, low price of, well, nothing. Not only am I just as tight as the next guy, but I do so enjoy the rumor sites being proved wrong and a few surprises being spring on us during the keynote. That said, I wanted to spend a few minutes telling you about an application that will very soon be obsolete. I'm referring to iPhoto.

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