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Something completely ordinary is happening in the world of computing and technology. Its something that we chafe at, but largely take for granted. Time and again Apple Computer manages to step a little deeper into the limelight and make the rest of the money grubbing world look like the bunch of amateurs that they are. Thatís not to say that Apple isnít interested in making money. Of course they are. But they fight tooth and nail to devise, dare I repeat the mantra? Crafting Insanely Great Products is Appleís game. The also-rans of the world, notably the likes of Dell and Microsoft, simply take what others have done, run it through a really crappy copier, and slap a cheap label on it.

Standards? Try Stoopiditee

The publishing division of a sizable telecommunications company is in the process of being sold. The sale isnít really something the parent company wants to do. After all, the division for sale is a cash cow. But the, ahem, bottom line, is that the parent company is deep in debt, courtesy of the mismanagement of a decidedly overpaid, and no longer engaged, chief executive. Yes, the companies involved shall remain nameless.

iTunes Tweak Mirror of American Society

Raise your hand if you were in any way surprised by Appleís minor revamp of iTunes. If I could see you, I donít imagine Iíd spy too many hands in the air. After all, the problem that Apple was gently combating with its debut of the iTunes Music Store was the fact that so many of us were content to take whatever we could without offering any compensation to those who had created the music in the first place.

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to the Web

How many web browsers do you use? Regularly I mean? I myself have been known to use as many as four. Which one I was using at any given time depended on what I was doing. For example, if I was at work using one of our corporate web sites, there is a good chance I was using Internet Exploder. On the other hand, if I was just engaged in some run-of-the-mill surfing I usually defaulted to OmniWeb.

Not So Bright Future for the Mac

I'm sad to say that I had a revelation last week. Actually, it would be more appropriate, or more accurate, to say that I was served a revelation. No, before you begin to wonder, there weren't any law enforcement officials involved.

My day job is at a rather large telecommunications company. I'm told the value of the company is upwards of six billion dollars and I find that to be a pretty conservative estimate. Suffice it to say, the company owns a lot of stuff.

Keeping Your Big Aibook Warm

After having spent a great deal of quality time using one of Apple's Big AlBooks during the past month, I've managed to figure out how to get the thing to heat up. Under general use it warms up just enough for the casing to be comfortable in your lap on a cool morning. That's about it, generally speaking.

But the Big AlBook has another side to its stunning personality. You might say its the toastier side of the slab. The secret to warming the thing up seems to have something to do with putting the the GPU to good use.

Musical Apple's And Universal Deals

The powers that be at Apple have finally fessed up and acknowledged that something will finally be forthcoming from 1 Infinite loop. That doesn't necessarily mean that anything more significant than a new iPod or iTunes release will be announced next week. But then, smart money is bet on Apple coming up with something a bit more thrilling than that.

If It Ain't Broke We'll Fix It

How is it that we collectively choose to forsake something we're very fond of, that is rather expensive, and has nothing wrong with it?

Refuting The Albook Myths

All of the reviews of the Big AlBook that have cropped up on the internet have pretty much agreed on a number of issues. Everyone raves about how cool it is, how quiet it is, and so forth. I think its time someone burst this bubble. I swear, if I didn't know better I'd say the iSteven P. himself had managed to extend his reality distortion field across the internet and managed to snowball everyone.

So, here it is. An honest, objective, and brief review from someone who has gotten to spend some quality time with the anodized aluminum shell topping his lap.

Feasting on the Hands That Feeds You

Its a tough time to be investing resources in the technology sector. Even if there was a huge, growing market space, there is more than enough competition to go around. Even worse, there are more than enough enemies out there who will take advantage of every opportunity, fair and unfair, to beat you down and stand higher upon the bones of your accomplishments. One would think that anyone with a clue, or who might have at least heard of the board game, wouldn't strive to pass any more ammunition to one's competitors than they already have.

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