Strike Now!

My father served with the United States Navy during the Korean conflict. He was assigned to a Destroyer. Story telling has never been something he shied away from but oddly enough he doesnít tell too many tales about those days. One of the phrases I learned from him, which survives to this day, is ìfire for effect.î The idea is that you lob a few rounds in the direction of your target, correcting your targeting solution with each shot, until youíre right on target. Thatís when you open up with everything youíve got. You have the range, you have the bearing, and that's when youíre ready to do some serious damage.

Apple, its now time for you to fire for effect.

The enemy is at his weakest right now. Longhorn is some years out. XPís adoption is requiring all manner of concessions on the part of its designers. Massive amounts of damage has been done to private and public concerns by worms and viruses which have relentlessly beaten gaping holes in the shameful security, or lack thereof, exhibited by the best products that can be fielded by the worldís most successful software concern. You have moved your pieces into position, in the form of brick and mortar stores, exceptionally fine software, and leading edge hardware. Last but not least, IT dollars are beginning to shake free. Its been a couple of years since any mass desktop upgrades have been executed.

The Switch campaign was amusing but not all that effective. Thatís because when youíre in a cutthroat business and your competitors are ruthlessly protective of their ill-gotten turf, something as polite and amusing as the Switch commercials just doesnít cut it. Yes, they were amusing. But they amount to a swiss army knife when what you really need is Duncn MacLeodís katana. Thatís right Uncaí iSteve, its time to get serious.

But what to do?

Iíll tell you what to do. Find someone like Weird Al and commission a song every bit as ingenious as his ìAmerican Pieî parody ìThe Saga Begins.î Use some of that outstanding A/V software youíre always bragging about to churn out some commercials and ads pointing out the shameful state of computing in the windows world and extolling the virtues of what you have to offer. Weird Alís work would serve as a perfect soundtrack, accompanying all manner of statistics about how many winblows machines were infected, how much money was lost as a result, and how many known viruses, worms, and so forth currently exist on the Mac. Then you run the damned thing constantly on all the major networks, and on Fox too. It needs to be hard-hitting and it needs to have an edge to it that even ginsu would admire.

None of what Iíve said here is really all that original. Its just that NOW is the TIME to be DOING this. An almost cosmic confluence of events has come together and like our recent close encounter with Mars that's been plastered all over the various media outlets, it ainít gonna happen again any time soon.