Standards? Try Stoopiditee

The publishing division of a sizable telecommunications company is in the process of being sold. The sale isnít really something the parent company wants to do. After all, the division for sale is a cash cow. But the, ahem, bottom line, is that the parent company is deep in debt, courtesy of the mismanagement of a decidedly overpaid, and no longer engaged, chief executive. Yes, the companies involved shall remain nameless.

At one time the publishing company was a fine place to work. It did suffer from the same management maladies typical of large companies, but for the most part if you worked hard and did your job you were OK. Many of the decisions were surprisingly good too. Youíd expect me to say that though as they were very Mac-centric. After all, when people started bringing in their own computers to get things done, they had Macs to offer up. They caught on and the eventually some 4000 people or more were taking care of business with them.

How times change. Of course, many things also remain the same. To a large extent, the heavily entrenched Macs are about to be uprooted and dispatched, in favor of industry standard peecee's.

That invocation of that particular phrase caught my attention when the official announcement was issued. It really made me pause. Of course, the man making the claim was the CEO. Not someone, mind you, actually having to do any of the work. Iíd be surprised if the man spends as much as one hour during the course of any given day actually working with a computer. Of course, he and the marketing expert he appointed as CIO know best.

So, the Macs are out. And the industry standard peeceeís shall inherit the floundering business. Setting aside for the moment that the word ëstandardí seems to be so rarely understood by those that invoke them, Iíd like someone to explain to me how it is that a totally closed operating system qualifies as a standard. Not only is windows closed and proprietary, but where Redmondís most notorious denizens do employ standards, they manage to pollute the environment beyond recognition. After all, how do you control standards? You donít! You corrupt them, as evidenced by the nonstandard HTML implementations evidenced by Internet Exploder.

I wonder if the powers that be would be surprised to learn that Appleís MacOS X is more standards compliant than any of the products perpetrated by that other company? Somehow, I doubt theyíd even understand. After all, they clearly donít understand even what a standard is.

Frankly Iíve never regarded peeceeís and consistant, much less standard.