21st Century Leader...Um...Ship

If youíre sick and tired of hearing about the latest spate of sickening violations of Microslothís lame attempt at system security, well, read on anyway.

I think that as sick and tired as Mac users are of hearing about w32.blast, peecee users are even less enthusiastic about its existence. The reason Iím so sure about that is that Iíve heard so many of them complaining about it over the last week. Working at a 50k head count telecom has its ups and downs. Well, mostly downs, but one of the biggest ones is most certainly our CIOís bent toward embracing everything M$. WinXP, Exchange, Office, Messenger, etc., are all safely installed and overpaid for at my place of employment.

Of course, the best part of the debacle has been the piece of corporate propaganda stating that our IT organization was well prepared for this attack and that its had minimal impact on our systems. They certainly should have been prepared. After all, we pay an awful lot of people an awful lot of money to make sure that everyone has to change their e-mail password every thirty-five days and to be certain that when they do change it that its completely incomprehensible. One would have expected them to have the relevant network ports blocked and the workstations patched.

One would have been disappointed.

Over one week after the infection appeared in the wild and first found its way into our network our VPN services are still crippled. Actually, crippled would be an improvement. The call center which fields the requests for technical assistance continues to be flooded with cries for help and of indignation over employeeís inability to do, well, much of anything. Our network continues to go down, isolating entire cities from one another.

The bottom line is that our so-called ëindustry standardí strategy has backfired miserably. Every damned box we can possibly load with winblows software is inflicted with as much misbegotten code from Redmond as is inhumanly possible. If this is whatís referred to as a minimal impact I imagine our spin-meisters would have referred to the events of 9/11 as a minor inconvenience to the city of New York.

I wonít bother asking when these clowns will learn. They wonít. They know better. After all, Unca Bill has promised them ëTrustworthy Computingí. Iím sure that will also have a minimal impact on our systems.